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Master Algebra and Beyond with Math 911!

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Math 911 is a quick, easy and fun way to absorb math ‘effortlessly’ (or at least as effortlessly as math can possibly be.)

And if you don’t believe me, you can download the complete Introductory Algebra Course for free!!

Once you see that your math struggles are over, you can purchase the full program upgrade which includes Intro, Intermediate, and College Algebra, Trig, Pre-Calculus, and Statistics for just $49.95! Once you download the program to your desktop, Math 911 is right at your fingertips whenever you need it!

One of the successes of this program,which was created especially for students who were convinced they couldn’t do algebra, is the mastery learning approach which doesn’t grade wrong responses, but lets the student keep working problems until they truly “get it”. This is the way real learning occurs!

This program is a very no-frills, basic, straight to the learning program. It’s all there, just what you need to know without a lot of confusing distractions.


Let me introduce you to the developer of this program, Professor Martin Weissman who has been instructing students for 49 years. (That’s a loooong time!)


He really just wants you to learn this stuff. He’s great about answering questions, helping solve problems (but of course he is!!), and lend a helping hand. He’s a superb instructor, and I can’t imagine a student not learning with his approach!

So here’s what you do. Go to the Math 911 website and download the complete Introductory Algebra Course (Algebra 1) for free (this is also referred to as the standard version). Yep, it’s really free, but this  is a back to school special, so not sure  exactly how long this will last.  After installing it, you can run it from the icon right on your desktop. When you open it, you will be able to work through the lessons right away.

Once you realize this is answer you’ve been looking for in a math tutor, go back to the website and pay just $49.95  to unlock the other 5 complete math programs! You will receive the Premier (one user, no password), Premier Password (multiple users with passwords), and Network Version (multi-user and passwords). That’s less than fifty bucks for all three options of 5 complete math programs!

After your purchase you’ll open up Math 911 by clicking on your desktop icon.  By clicking of the register software box, you’ll find a set of registration codes to email to Dr. W. You must also inform him you are a homeschooler in this very important email. You’ll very promptly receive activation codes that will let you run all of the programs available on Math911.

 It’s super easy to switch between the programs. The program does shut down when you switch between programs and you have to click on your desktop Math911 icon which will cause it to open back with the new course you chose to work on. You can freely switch back and forth between courses, with them saving all of your work.

The interface is completely obvious and user friendly. I promise you won’t have any trouble figuring it out, but if you do that’s ok because tech support is always free and completely accessible.

So you might be asking if this is a complete program or a supplement. Well, there aren’t any lectures or textbooks, but there are complete step by step solutions worked out. The “wrong” problems aren’t graded, so your student won’t be all worried about failing, but will be able to concentrate on mastery. The program continues to generate new problems until a certain amount are “mastered”, and even then the student can go back and continue practicing any section as much a she feels necessary. The programs do contain all topics covered in each individual course.

There is a timer so student can see how much time they’ve spent on Math911, but no pressure with time limits or anything like that. There is also a calculator provided right on the screen. Oh yes, and you can click the “big” button to zoom the problems full screen.

On the opening screen you can find total time spent on Math 911, current course you are working on, a place to register your software, and then on top right is listing of all courses so you can just click on one to change your course.

You’ll see a graph in the middle portion with all the sections that fills in as the lessons are completed. Here you can also find 2 midterms and 2 final exams. You can also print grades or copy grades to word.

At the bottom of the opening screen is a listing of the lessons within the section you are working on. You can choose which lesson you want to work on, including levels below or above your current “next” lesson.

Program upgrades are free and easy, and you won’t lose any of your work or grades as they happen.

Math 911 at Gunn Ranch Academy

I wish I could say my girls love math, but truly they do not. They just wanna get through it. But they do know that it is necessary, so they trudge on.

They work through their problems and just like I used to, get stuck, get frustrated, and think math is not so fun. They both mention their worst frustrations, however are when the instructor/manual/program teaches the examples that are straight forward, then throw in a curveball that was completely not mentioned. They both make the “little” mistakes that lead to the wrong answer in the end. Their math learning journeys are well, typical.

This program came at a time when my oldest is seemingly struggling to understand her algebra. Hmmm, I read that Math911 was created for struggling learners, so I thought it might be a great fit. I wasn’t so sure, however, that my daughter would think the same thing. She just really wants to work her problems and get it done, not do “extra” work.  I told her that since she is already working through a program, that this would be a great thing to complement those times when things just didn’t seem to make sense, or when she just couldn’t seem to grasp the concept, or when she just keep making those little mistakes, because practice makes perfect.

The verdict? Well, she really likes the program and has been on it way more than I thought she would. She has jumped on to review individual topics, but has actually worked through many of the steps.  I even caught her taking a look at the upper level courses- and she found that the statistics section actually listed power points (but we couldn’t get them to play on our computer- ) and “enter your own data” section that is an animated tutorial! She said she always wondered what statistics entailed, and since I never personally took higher level maths, I really couldn’t give her specifics. (My high math was applied math within my upper level science courses. ) She actually said she couldn’t wait to get through her algebra to move on to some of these other courses. And we already have them right here!!

I really love being able to jump on the computer and take a look at the sections she has completed. I’m  looking forward to seeing her use this tutorial more as she continues her algebra journey this year. I love the fact that we have this program for her to review when studying for her ACT test, college entrance exams, etc.

I also have to admit I’ve spent a fair amount of time working through problems myself. I must say this is an AWESOME tool for a parental review to help parents refresh and renew their math skills for helping their kids. When my daughters have needed help with certain math topics, I have to go back and review to help them, and this program is actually faster and easier for me to be able to refresh my skills so I can explain things to them.For example, I had really forgotten how to work with exponents, so I just hopped on the program, clicked on the topic of exponents and began clicking through the see the steps. It’s a super easy way to jog that memory, or an easy way to learn it if you never really did.

I have also actually enjoyed learning and trying to figure out some of the upper level math myself. The step by step instructions really make this program a top notch tutor.

I don’t often comment on price in my reviews, but I just can’t let this one go by without saying what an amazing value for the price Math911 is with the 6 complete courses it includes, the unlimited problems generated, the mastery of the subjects, the printable grades. And you can use it for all of your students!

If you need find you need more instruction, you can always pull out an old math book, find one at a used bookstore, library, free book exchange,etc., for explanations of topics, but the real learning occurs through working out the problems. My daughter even realized that by working more problems she began to make less mistakes. Hmmm, I think the saying goes “practice makes perfect”. 🙂

I give this program two thumbs up!

Read about my Crewmates’ Math 911 adventures over at the Crew Blog!

Happy Homeschooling and Beyond!



Disclaimer~ I received this program as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew. No other compensation was received and opinions are my own.


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  1. This sounds like it was a great fit for your daughter.

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