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Christian Liberty Press ~ Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers

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Christian Liberty Press offers a huge number of Christian learning resources for educating kids from Pre-K through High School and up, from complete curriculum packages to individual subjects, games, software, teaching tools, testing, and the list goes on. Click the banner to go check out all the resources!

For review we received a download of one ebook in a series of four written by Douglas Bond whose purpose is to teach young people about the hymns of the Christian faith. The series is geared for 7th to 10 grade but I feel can definitely be used with younger kids.

“Each book in this series is a fictional adventure of two American teens, accompanied by an elderly English gentleman called Mr. Pipes, who along the way discover the value of hymns from a specific region or period of time.”

The book we received from the series is Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers. This book is about two kids who travel to England for the summer with their mom who is working there. They are staying with an elderly lady and are not very excited about their summer vacation in such a boring and old place. But they soon begin to see the beauty in the old place as they befriend Mr. Pipes who introduces them to the beauty of the old hymns and engages them in stories about the hymn writers. This book definitely brings forth a reverence and respect for traditional praise and worship of the Christian faith, and well as sharing a great deal of culture and history.



Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers is available from the Christian Liberty Press website for $8.79 in ebook pdf format, or $9.89 if you prefer to order a print book.

Mr. Pipes at Gunn Ranch Academy

I would love to report that my 7th grader who fits into the intended age group for this book was as excited and willing to read this book as I was.  She had absolutely no interest in reading it initially, but did love the story of the kids trip to England once she gave it a chance.  She said the story kind of reminded her of some of her favorite characters from a series of books she used to love when she was younger.I think she probably also appreciated learning about the hymns and their authors somewhat, but not as much as I did.  As a writer of Christian worship music, I knew I’d love this book.  I’ve always loved hymns, and church music as I grew up singing them. I still spend quite a lot of time with my keyboard worshiping, and many times including some old favorites.

I’ve tried diligently to teach my children the respect and reverence of  “old church” style praise and worship. As I’m on our church’s praise and worship team, I realize so many contemporary churches have moved into a new style of worship. While I’m not going to comment on that, I will say that I truly appreciate the importance that the old hymns brought to praise and worship. I’ve talked to my kids a lot about the very subject this ebook brings to the table.

While the timing of receiving this book was a bit off to use it as a share-together devotional during the review period, it is something that is near and dear to my heart, so it has been scheduled in as a read aloud, together-time for this semester’s studies. I can’t wait to share more of my heart on this subject with my kids, with this book backing up a lot of things that I’ve been thinking about for such a long time. While it’s labeled 7th to 10th grade reading, the actual storyline and tone seem more elementary to me.  I can see where the biography of the hymn writers and maybe the culture and history of England is more geared for the intended crowd, though.

I didn’t include my 6 year old in this for the review period, but I fully intend to engage him in our together devotions as I go back through this with them. He is an amazing little musician and loves to sing with us in church. He sits and plays his guitar and makes up songs all the time, so I’ve no doubt music and worship will be an important part of his life. I’m quite excited to read this aloud including him and watching his growth and understanding. I really believe this book is not only a great story, but an incredible tool.

This story is delightful. It’s a wonderful interaction between children and an elderly mentor. It’s a wonderful historical fiction story bringing some very important musicians of old into the story for discussion and understanding not only of the reverence for God through worship in the church, but sharing biographies of some noble and talented Christians who used their gifts and talents as God had given them to use.

I sat and played every one of the hymns at the end of each chapter. I LOVE playing hymns. I have played some of these before and have at least heard most of them. Only a few were new, but all brought joy to my worship time with my keyboard.

While I don’t mind reading ebooks from my Kindle or Nook, I still really love the feel of sitting down with a nice book in my lap for together reading. I am planning to buy the whole series of these books in print and cherish my time teaching and sharing with my kids.

I highly recommend this book as a family read aloud, for those interested in church history, music, hymns, praise and worship, and/or just a really great story. This book would definitely fit wonderfully into a Charlotte Mason/ living book style of learning. It can be used for music study, history, time periods, geography, culture, and Bible devotions.

*For other reviews of Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers, visit our Crew Blog!



Disclaimer-I received this ebook download as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew for review purposes. No other compensation was received and opinions are my own.


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