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Creation Illustrated Magazine




One of my fondest memories of childhood is receiving my magazines in the mail. I looked over and over them, and actually still have a few of my favorite issues. I’ve subscribed to various magazines for my kids through the years as their interests have been piqued and changed, and they too enjoy pouring over the pages of that special treasure that came in the mail. As the age of technology is upon us, I know there is much less chance to snuggle up with a beautiful magazine and just dream. Sometimes I like to call it “brain fluff” because it’s just an opportunity to explore and enjoy. Rare in these days and times.

I was super-excited to hear that we would be receiving four luscious issues of a magazine I had heard and often wondered about.

I knew Creation Illustrated had the reputation of being the “Christian National Geographic”, and being the nature-loving family we are, it has always intrigued me.


We were blessed with four back issues of Creation Illustrated to check out.  FOUR ISSUES of this beautiful magazine!



Creation Illustrated publishes quarterly: winter, spring, summer and fall issues for $4.99 cover price.

You can also purchase subscriptions at reduced prices:

~$19.95 for one year

~$37.95 for two years

~$53.95 for three years

While I can’t imagine not LOVING this magazine, you can get your own free issue to check out before subscribing here. (This is one of those things you have to write “cancel” on the invoice  but the free issue is yours to keep, but hey, I really think this is worth your consideration because I’m sure you’ll love it as much as we do!)

This magazine is packed full of stories, articles, recipes, kids puzzles, but most of all breath taking photographs.

Best part, really, though is that all this beauty comes from our Creator, and is credited back to our creator.

Each issue is basically divided into nature, Scripture and living sections. You can find an astounding mix of amazing photography and God’s word, a beautiful combination in my opinion.





Our family has enjoyed these magazines immensely. I can’t say thank you enough that we received 4 issues so that we could pass them around and not have to all be fighting over one, LOL.  But while my little one was looking over the issue in his hand, he was so vocal that we all eventually just had to put ours down and go over with him to see what he was ooing and awing over.  My favorite part is without a doubt the wildlife photos. My oldest found some amazing articles that she read over and my middle daughter of course looked for marine life. Both of my girls made plans to make some of the recipes and began making a grocery list to collect what they need to give them a try.

These issues will be keepsakes for sure, and my children have already asked if we can get a subscription for more magazines. The only real disappointment is when they realized the magazines only come quarterly!

This magazine would be great for families with all ages, and I certainly believe a jewel for homeschooling families.

Highly recommended!

To read about my Crew Mates adventures with Creation Illustrated magazine, visit our Crew Blog!


Happy Homeschooling!



*Disclaimer~ I received these products for review purposes as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew. No other compensation was received and opinions are my own.


2 thoughts on “Creation Illustrated Magazine

  1. Looks like a good deal. I always enjoyed receiving magazines in the mail too. 🙂

  2. Hello–Im a homeschooler also ! I saw on your side bar your a nanowrimo winner–Congrats! What was the title? I almost did the challenge but im not that great of a writer of books.

    I blog about DIY projects and my life.

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