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Texas State 4-H Roundup Brags

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So my girl Morgan “walked the stage” not once, but TWICE at the Texas State 4-H Roundup!

This being our first experience with the roundup, it didn’t take long to realize that walking the huge stage is quite a privilege, for the top 3 winners of the various contests. This means the top three places in the entire state, and Texas is a pretty big state!

So here we go, from a very proud momma-

This is Morgan’s fourth year on the JWC Horse Judging Team, but first year as a senior. The small but mighty JWC team qualified for state at the College Station District competition in April. Thankfully they don’t have to attend as a team at State, but are also allowed to compete as individuals. So one other team mate- Shelby, and Morgan were able to attend the State Horse Judging competition. But it didn’t end there for Morgan, because she presented a winning Horse Educational Talk at District in May (placing first in Horse and 3rd Overall presentations, advancing her to state!).

A little unsure of the long 10 hour car ride to Lubbock and staying almost a whole week with a whole group of JWC kids, some of whom she knows pretty well, and others whom she knew much better after spending a week of fun with, she set off to State last Tuesday, June 12th. Wednesday morning came early, but the excitement of the State Horse Judging competition and a monster drink propelled her into her day. (I am of course only imagining because unfortunately I couldn’t go for the week!)

So all morning Taylor and Levi and I anxiously thought about her competition (ok, probably Momma poured her thoughts and prayers into this :)) and out of the blue a bit past noon I began receiving ecstatic sounding texts from Morgan as they announced that she had placed 6th in Halter, 4th in Performance, and then the heart-stopper- 3rd OVERALL!! I just screamed and started calling people! LOL This is just such a huge accomplishment and honor to be 3rd in the whole state as a freshman, first year as a senior, and following a bit of a tough judging season.

ALL I kept thinking was Our God is an Awesome God!

So a fellow clubmom posted this pic she took of Morgan walking the stage the first nite in the huge stadium stage, in front of her peers:


Yep, blurry, but the perspective of the magnitude can be seen for sure!

Morgan said she had a ball up there, and the horse judgers ended up dancing on stage with the District president announcing the awards while videos were being played on the big screen. Barbie our ever-so-awesome extension agent texted me that Morgan had “cut loose on stage” and it was fun.  🙂

Morgan must have texted me at least a dozen times “I’m so excited!”  I just kept thinking of all the hours she put into her studies, and her dedication to what she was doing, and especially how she hung in there through all of the competitions and didn’t get discouraged, but only studied harder.

So after dancing the night away, she was up the next morning preparing for her Educational Presentation. We heard that JWC hadn’t made it to state that anyone could remember, so this was an exciting privilege in itself.

I was anxiously watching my phone while doing my surgery at work Thursday morning, praying and praying all morning.

Then it finally came, a text from Morgan- “Man, the other kids here at the talks and demos are really GOOD.”

Then she texted that the two main head honchos from A&M 4-H Horse Project heads were judging. We had met them at Judging Camp last summer, and one happened to be my old Horse Science instructor from K-State that now headed up the Horse Project/judging/showing/etc for the agrilife extension and A&M Horse division. I was pretty sure that was a good thing, since I knew Morgan had cited a lot of info from the judging camp manual, and that they would definitely recognize her.

I told her don’t worry you got this!

So I’m waiting…

and waiting…

and waiting…

and then I got a text from our extension agent Barbie- “WOOOHOOOO she walks the stage again!”

as I was sitting at lunch with my techs.

I’m waiting to hear from Morgan what place she got knowing it was third or better to walk the stage.

Then I got the news that she had place 2nd Individual and 3rd Overall!  Wow.

So she walked the stage the second night. An amazing thing to have such an experience the first year at state! I’m so proud of her!
I’m also very proud of our Jim Wells County kids as a team. They all did great at their competitions, we had lots of kids and teams place very well, and I would say JWC was very well known at the State Roundup!!

GO TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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