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My Math Lab: Algebra 1~Pearson Homeschool

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Pearson Homeschool offers a wide array of curriculum for grades Pre-K through High School. They have cost efficient, educational materials that fit all kinds of learning styles.


For review we received a time-appropriate subject since Morgan has just finished up her Pre-Algebra online course. She agreed to give My Math Lab Algebra 1 a try. I knew we didn’t have a full 5 day a week school schedule for the full 6 weeks to try it out with camps and State 4-H competition the first two weeks of June, but we gave it a go because she really wanted to get a jump on Algebra, and being used to the online format already I figured she could tell pretty quickly if it was gonna work as well as the current program she is using.

We received a large envelope in the mail containing two cardstock folders which zip open to reveal an access code for our class. One is the student account setup and the other is the parent kit as shown below.

MyMathLab contains everything your student needs to successfully learn Algebra. The Interactive eText, personalized study plans, over 3,000 videos, and multimedia learning aids are all in there. The cost is $49.97 per level for the student access kit.



We also received the parent access kit which retails for $30.00.


MyMathLab Algebra 1 at Gunn Ranch Academy:

I followed the directions and set up my parent account pretty easily. I then set up Morgan’s student account and found her class listed that we had “enrolled” in.  I did think the website was confusing to navigate. I went back several times to look around before I really got the hang of it, and was able to read through everything and figure out the components of the website and the class. I wanted to be able to point Morgan to the place to sit down and get started since she was furiously trying to finish up her yearly credits, finish her novel for submission, finish her 4-H record book, and review her State 4-H competition elements.

As I explored the different elements of My Math Lab Algebra 1, I found that the course can be used as-is, with the student sitting down and working through the lessons, or the parent can actually customize the lessons and assignments. At this level of learning, I prefer to use a program that my student can work through on her own. It’s way too time consuming to work through every little detail of higher level courses for me at this point, which is why I work so hard to find ideal, independent, trustworthy college-prep material for my high schooler. After viewing the first video that went with the first lesson in the online text and scanning further into the text, I felt this course would definitely meet our college prep concerns.  Next, I had Morgan sit down and begin to work through the material. She didn’t have a problem figuring out all the components, though it wasn’t as straight forward as she was used to. She didn’t care too much for the lecture as she felt the teacher sounded as if she were talking to elementary students, but felt this could be gotten used to.  She also felt the 90% mastery before she could move on was a bit annoying,  as well as having to finish the entire exercise to be allowed to move on, but this too, is something that she will be able to get used to as the course progresses.

I do like that this program gives 18 month access.  We “technically” should have finished algebra 1 this year and be moving on to algebra 2 next year, but my daughter really wanted to take college level pre-algebra before high school algebra 1 and 2 to make sure she grasped enough of the concepts that she felt she didn’t get in some of the earlier course material. Yep, I know, that’s kinda weird, but I’m pretty confident she will find herself flying through the algebra 1 and 2 courses doing it that way. Even so, I like the longer access so that she can work on this as time permits through her summer activities and not have to be rushed to be finished just 12 months after she started. I prefer for my students to go slower with their math as needed to really concrete those concepts in place instead of skipping through it on a time limit and not really getting it. If my suspicions prove true, I imagine she will be through this in half the time she thinks she will. But then that’s the beauty of homeschooling- catering to your student instead of a calendar.

I’m not totally sure at this point we will continue this all the way through, but I suspect we will. I will mention that it is half the price of other programs we have used and is a great value for such a good quality high school course.

As I mentioned before, Pearson Homeschool offers lots of different materials of all levels, so check them out!

Visit our Crew Blog to see my Crew Mates adventures with this and other Pearson Homeschool products!

Happy Homeschooling!



*Disclaimer~ I was given this bundle as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew for review purposes. No other compensation was received and opinions are my own.


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