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The building of Gunn Ranch Academy one caliche rock at a time; our friends, family, passions, learning adventures and our little piece of HIStory in the making! Online Math Practice

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Math. It’s necessary. Some kids love it, mine don’t. They do it anyway because they know it’s necessary.

We’ve worked through many different types of programs, learning tools, help websites, and methods.

Some were disguised as fun, and some were just black and white you-just-gotta-do-it materials.

But math, well, is still math.

Now at the younger ages my kids actually really loved math.



But as they got older they began to understand they really needed to learn, remember and master this sometimes annoying and mystifying subject to move on to the next level. They just had to do it, like it or not.



So I never hesitated to look for another way to make it make sense if they just weren’t getting it.


But fun? Math fun? Well, let me introduce to you FUN MATH.

There’s a math party goin on over at Over there they know what fun is all about!

Cute characters,  short practice sessions with complete curriculum coverage, lots of rewards, and activities that adapt and adjust to your child’s progress and abilities.

Immediate and positive feedback reinforce skills, but provide explanations to help concrete skills in place.

Parent emails reporting progress, and detailed, informative reports insure that the parent knows just what their student is learning and where they might need a boost.

Check out all the levels and all the skills they got goin on over there!

For $9.95 per month or $79.00 per year, a family can add up to three students to their account.  There is special pricing for more kiddos, and schools too.

IXL Fee Buttons

While the program does have levels Pre-K through Algebra level, Levi and Taylor agreed to give it a try.

After logging into the family account, the student clicks on their own icon. I uploaded photos of Levi and Taylor from the computer so they could easily find their buttons. They though it was cool to have their own pictures on their accounts. While the child has access to any level they choose after they are on their own account, Levi worked on this level:


and Taylor worked on this level:

IXL 6th Grade

Taylor thought the website was very helpful with some concepts she was having a bit of trouble with, but in finishing up her current yearly studies hasn’t spent as much time on the website as she hopes to in the next few weeks.

Levi, however, really enjoyed it.  As we come to the end of his Kindergarten year, I am glad that he has a much better attitude about “school” than he has throughout the year. I am not a big believer in pushing formal concepts at a little kid in the younger grades when it is doing nothing more than concreting in a dislike for learning. So we didn’t use a formal math program, yet dabbled in basic concepts. But when this came along I really appreciated having a little better idea where he was at in order of concepts. He loved the little colorful lessons, and progressed rather quickly through most of what he did. He really liked the awards and games!
IXL Awards and Games

I really like seeing how he was doing:


IXL Family Reports

And I really look forward to continuing to use this with Levi in the future. I’m not sure we’ll be able to swing the subscription price, but we’ll see.

To read about my Crew Mates adventures with visit our Crew Blog!

Happy Homeschooling!



*Disclaimer~I received a free subscription to this website as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew for review purposes. No other compensation was received and opinions are my own.


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