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Discovery Scope

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I don’t know too many joys in this world that compare to discovering God’s creation up-close and personal.  Our family, well, we are self-proclaimed nature freaks. So when we received this little jewel in the mail, we got busy right away discovering.

The Discovery Scope is a handheld, wide-field scope with endless opportunities to discover the world up-close and personal!

There are lots of ways to magnify just about anything you can think of that you would like to view up close, with no limits to your imagination. You can put still objects like plants and leaves right on the clamp for viewing, or put live, moving objects in a little clear plastic box for viewing. You can even look at samples of liquid such as pond water, soda, or koolaid, and solids such as sugar, flour, dirt, and caliche rock. There’s so much to discover up-close!

For our reviewing pleasure we received the Basic Kit which retails for $40.00. It includes one hand-held discovery scope, one mini-clamp, one multi-use chamber holder, two 1″ by 3/4″ clear view chambers, and one water dropper, all packaged in a sealed plastic container.

This little scope is family friendly and can be used by any age from 6 to 96. (Littler kids would probably enjoy it too, but you might not want to let them slobber on it, and might need to watch out for the small parts that could come off.)


The first thing we looked at was an ant. Directly after opening the scope, Levi ran outside with the little flat box to collect an ant. He assembled the box on the clamp and found himself staring face to face with a pair of big beady bug eyes.  He was surprised at the “little hairs” all over the legs, and was really interested in the detail of the antenae, and mouth parts. He was equally excited to be able to let the little fella go after his observation.

After a plethora of bugs, spiders, and living objects, he began looking at plants, weeds, horse feed, grain, corn, rocks, grass, small sticks and bark. He spent a few hours switching out specimens for observation. The most exciting plant life he looked at was a leaf with bug eggs on it. Then he got the idea to collect some pond water and look at a drop.

After he observed his pond water and became somewhat enthralled with all of the “floaties” in it, I collected a sample and we observed it under the “big” microscope at my veterinary clinic for comparison. When my girls were little I took them to the clinic and showed them what lived under their fingernails to impress upon them that they really shouldn’t put their fingernails in their mouths. In the same regard I believe I impressed on Levi that he shouldn’t take in mouthfuls of water when swimming in our pond, and really should take a shower afterwards. 🙂

He was very interested in the maginifying ability of the lens. It is just amazing how much one can learn by slowing down and observing life up close!

My older daughters also enjoyed the scope. They too observed many things up close, and made some up-close drawings of some of the things they observed such as veins on leaves and plant fibers. Morgan even looked at a few of her biology slides (bigger specimens like the hydra) with the scope.

We looked at our skin hairs, freckles and scrapes and cuts, seeing up close the healing process. We took turns looking into each others eyes as well.

There’s just no limit to the things we were able to discover with this little jewel!


Plans for the Discovery Scope at Gunn Ranch Academy

Since I’ve already mentioned several of the things we discovered, I’ll expand a bit more on our plans for the future with our scope.

Levi is really excited to be starting his “Flying Creatures” study for science which will include birds, bats, and insects. Since I covered this with his older sisters already I can think of several area that this scope will come in useful. It will definitely be of value when studying feathers. Dissecting an owl pellet will also be more interesting when we are able to visualize the contents up close!  Above all, though, I can’t wait to utilize this scope in our study of insects. We will be able to really dig into the different parts of the insects among other discoveries. My older girls have already shown how much detail one can draw when looking through the scope. While I haven’t been able to take any pictures through it yet, I have seen some of my crewmate’s photos taken with their iphones that are just amazing. (We don’t have iphones at our house, but my oldest daughter has an ipod touch that will probably work.)  With the ability to add up close photos and drawings to his notebook, I can see a really exciting year of science ahead! Seeing is believing and believing is remembering at our house.

I must mention that this is a sturdy little scope.  The quality is really wonderful, and way better than any other hand-held outdoor tools we’ve had in the past. It’s small enough to throw in a backpack and not worry about getting broken. It does come in a ziplock container, which is a great way to carry it along, but realistically I must say I know it won’t always get put back in the container, and I’m happy that it is tough enough to stand up to my kids’ adventures!!

One last note- it’s really great for locating and removing small slivers, splinters and cactus thorns from fingers and toes. 🙂

This would make an excellent gift, award, or addition to summer adventures and vacations. It would also be a real excitement booster for a new school year, science project or nature study. It’s an AMAZING value and well worth the cost. We give this highly recommended favorite two thumbs up and five stars!!

Be sure to check out my Crew Mates’ adventures with the Discovery Scope over at the Crew Blog!

Happy Discovering!!



*Disclaimer: I received this product as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew for review purposes. No other compensation was received and opinions are my own.


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  1. I am so glad we have this! We already use it all the time, and I can’t imagine not having one now.

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