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Dive Into Your Imagination~ Who Lives in the Sea?

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Let me introduce you to a new friend of ours, Annie Crawley of Dive Into Your Imagination.

Annie Crawley is on a mission. She’s on a mission to share the beauty and wonder of the REAL world. She knows that we protect what we love, and as an underwater photographer, dive instructor, and boat captain for more than 15 years, she wants children and their parents to fall in love with the ocean, and the magnificent animals of the sea. Because if we fall in love with the ocean, we will protect the ocean.

Driven by her mission, she has created an amazing series of educational and entertaining dvds that kids of all ages will enjoy. She has also created Educational Guides currently for PreK-3rd grade to use as a unit study with the dvds.

For review we received Who Lives In The Sea? dvd which retails for $19.95.  You can purchase  this dvd on the Dive Into Your Imagination website, or Annie Crawley . com


We also received access to download PDF Educators Guides in grade levels Pre-K-K or 1-3 which were created to accompany the dvds.

The guides are available on Annie Crawley . com as a printed version for $299 (for the set) or as individual PDFs for $69.95. As a special for the Homeschool Crew and The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and followers Annie Crawley of Dive Into Your Imagination will gift you a set of PDFs with purchase of the DVDs. When you place your DVD order, just let her know in the notes that you are a Homeschool Parent!

I was curious how the two levels differed , so I downloaded both Pre-K-K and 1-3 guides for Who Lives In the Sea?

The Educators Guides are HUGE.  The Pre-K-K guide is 306 pages while the 1-3 guide is 347.  The cross-curricular lessons are designed to bring science together with Art, Language Arts, Geography, Math, Music, Social Studies, Movement, Teamwork,Collaboration, Character Building Skills, Imagination Play and more.

In the homeschool world we call these Unit Studies :).

These guides are packed full of fun activities teaching the mission in mind:

~We want you to love our ocean because we protect what we love.~

For each chapter on the dvd there is a corresponding lesson plan that includes:
*   Character education and imagination play for your students.
*   A set of student questions correlating to the lessons designed to prompt discussion and enhance learning during video and multi-media viewing.
* Ideas and support materials you can use to build learning centers in your “classroom” which combine science with other core subjects.
*  A glossary of scientific terms, eco-tips and websites for educator content support.
*  Suggested book lists and extension activities that can be used to bring an ocean of imagination flooding into your “class”.

~While this guide is designed for classroom use, we found it to be easily adaptable to homeschool use and individual instruction.  Of course, homeschoolers are famous and simply fabulous at tweaking things, and we really love unit studies.

The organization and layout of the guide is awesome. It includes cute character scuba divers Ocean Annie and Makaio which “guide” you through the pages with some great activity,vocabulary and color pages for printing (same for both levels of guides), as well as amazingly creative activities, games, songs, projects, notebooking pages, cut-outs, discussions, you-name-it. It’s got some really cute animations, as well as a little bit of beautiful photography. This puppy is just packed FULL.

Gunn Ranch Academy Ocean Adventures

We already love and protect the sea. My hubby is a  certified diver, and the dive medic for the Army National Guard Dive team. He has ordered materials to have the kids dive certified when they are all old enough and they have really enjoyed going through the materials and learning about scuba diving.

My almost 12 year old wants to be a marine biologist, and has been through her Swimming Creatures zoology study for three years in a row. 🙂 She LOVES the sea and can’t wait to be dive certified. She reads our aquarium newsletter cover to cover when we get it, and gets email/newsletters from the Save our Seas foundation (which Annie mentions on the dvds) as well as perusing their website often.

My 6 year old has been through the scuba diving dvd over and over again, and can tell you many little known facts about the sea and scuba diving.

They both LOVE unit studies about the ocean, sea creatures, etc. so I knew they would be really excited about this dvd. I had a super hard time deciding which to choose!  Just as expected they both absolutely LOVED this dvd. Levi has watched this dvd over and over and over again. It is very well done, with an amazing musical score in the background, and incredible photos. There are great little catchy tunes the kids can sing along to as well, and one in particular Levi enjoyed that he has been singing over and over about Nudibranchs. He sits with his guitar singing, has played it on the keyboard, and then I found this video on my camera that he did without anyone knowing:

Levi’s Nudibranch Video

I would have to call Annie’s mission of helping kids to love the ocean a success! (Or at least they sure LOVE these dvds!) Levi sings the songs he has learned from the dvd over and over and over again too! We will be ordering the rest of the series of dvds soon. My daughter also has her eye on the underwater photography dvd over on the Dive Into Your Imagination website.

To see what my Crew Mates thought of this and other Dive Into Your Imagination DVDs, visit the Crew Blog!

Come along with us, and dive into your imagination!



*Disclaimer: I received these products as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew for review purposes. No other compensation was received and opinions are my own.


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