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Baby watch

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Ok, so it’s been a while since I’ve been excited about a new baby, but this time is gonna be totally exciting! I am a self proclaimed baby-freak~ humans, puppies, kitties, chickies, goslings, guinea keets, calves, kids, bay deer, birdies of all kinds, squirrel babies, bunny babies, piglets… and now…we get to have the ultimate baby experience, my dream come true…we get to have a FOAL!

Morgan did her research, some genetic studies, and has learned pretty extensively this year about conformation, performance, and breed standards, husbandry,  earning a high school credit in equitation (still thinking of a fancy name to call the course that was clearly way more than 120 hours of work!). So what better way to put it all together than to let her breed her mare to a beautiful stud and follow the progress from womb to the ground. She is so excited to have the opportunity to imprint and then train this baby.

She looked around far and wide for just the right stud and we were blessed to find an amazing  registered paint stud owned by a wonderful young lady who graduated from A&M with an Equine Science degree and is using it to manage an amazing horse ranch/breeding ranch in Aransas Pass, TX. Sarah Coquat from Coquat Ranch has been pretty great for Morgan to talk to and get to know.  Morgan had a big decision to make about which stud she wanted to breed Grace to. She looked at many different aspects, but finally decided on Sparks Black Jack.

Here’s the handsome stud:

Off to Dr Wilkenson in Premont to ultrasound we went. That very day we found out she had a 4cm follicle that was ready to ovulate very soon, so we called Sarah and went ahead and took Grace to Coquat Ranch for her stay.

Morgan has missed being able to ride Grace, and really missed her badly the 11 days that Grace was visiting Black Jack. But she is determined to have a healthy baby out of the deal, so  “babied” Grace in hopes of seeing this on day 18:

The big black circle is the amniotic sac (two separate pictures of it side by side.) Can’t actually see the baby here, but we know there’s a little ball of cells that will be our new baby about 322 days from the time this was taken!

We get to return to get another ultrasound next week, and we should be able to see the heart beat at that time.

We are thinking of names for colts and fillies right now. We have Blazen from momma and Sparks from daddy, so those go together really well. Morgan likes Sparks Blazen Ember for a filly, but is undecided on a colt name so far. And of course things can always change when you see that baby’s face for the first time. 🙂

I made a separate page for our foal ticker so we can watch the countdown. 🙂

This is just the most awesome thing that I finally get to experience this and it’s even cooler that my kids get to experience it too!  Now that’s homeschoolin at it’s finest!

Awesome Blazen Grace:


Morgan  and Grace last year winning Reserve Senior Showman:

And Grace smiling:






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