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Go Science DVDs at Library and Educational Services

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For over thirty years Library and Educational Services has been serving educators, churches, schools, libraries, and resellers with affordable wholesale products. Quality products can be found at 30% to 70% off, and even more at times. Often times these products are the latest, greatest ones out there on the market, and other times they are old favorites you might not find elsewhere. But whatever it is that you find among their amazing product selection, their customer service is always equally as excellent.

If you’ve never heard of these guys, be prepared to be amazed. You’re gonna need to have a little extra time on your hands the first time you create your free account and log in, because I promise you that you’ll be attached like Velcro for awhile. You might even find your family has to detach you. ūüôā

I’ve ordered lots of great products and saved more money throughout the past few years than I can even count up at this point. I receive an email newsletter weekly with fabulous products, sales, new arrivals, one-time purchases, etc. You can choose to receive them less frequently as well as subscribing to specialty email newsletter customized to your preferences in products. I also receive an occasional print catalog with specials in my mailbox to browse through.

I love their wishlist feature. If I’m not quite ready to order, I can save my selections on a wishlist for 180 days and just click “add to order” button when I’m ready to place my order.

When I heard that the Crew was offered the opportunity to review some great DVD videos available on their website, I was delighted to find it was a set of science DVDs that I had my eye on over there already on my wish list!

Go Science is a six volume set of DVDs recommended for ages 6-14. For review we were given the choice of two, and we picked these:
Photobucket Photobucket

The list price for each Go Science DVD purchased individually is $14.95, but they are only $8.97 each at the time of this post.

They list price for the 6 series set is $79.95, but they can be purchased for $47.95 at LES.


So what’s this Go Science series all about anyway?


Gunn Ranch Academy Go Science Adventures

With Levi’s new found love for science and experiments, I was happy to add these two Go Science DVD’s to our collection. These demonstrations are ones you wouldn’t typically do at home. Ben Roy speaks clearly and very excitedly about the topic at hand in short segments.¬† They remind me of something you would see on Public Television or a Kid’s TV Network¬† between programs.

In most of the segments Ben relates the experiment to a Bible story or principle, and usually has a child as a helper. From pouring liquids from two test tubes together to make a luminescent light reaction to exploding balloons, he always ends the demonstration by telling the kids, “every time we learn something about science, we learn something about our Creator: God!”

Levi enjoyed watching the experiments. Since they are divided into several short segments, he watched a few at a time then was ready to stop. He enjoyed them more just watching a few at a time. They would make a really great addition to a kid’s Bible study or any group setting with kids.

We have enjoyed watching them, and I really love being able to add these to my educational materials for Levi to watch independently while I’m working with the other kids.

These DVD’s are definitely¬† for the younger ages, as they don’t include very extensive or thorough explanation of the scientific side of the demonstration. My 11 year old wasn’t real interested in them herself, but did enjoy watching some of them with Levi. I’d probably recommend them for K-3 or so.¬† They really are great for getting little scientist’s feet wet!!

Be sure to check out my Crew Mates’ Go Science Adventures over at the Crew blog!


Remember, every time we learn something about SCIENCE, we learn something about our CREATOR GOD!



*Disclaimer~ I received two DVDs in exchange for an honest review as a Crew Mate on the TOS Homeschool Crew. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.


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