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Amazing Science!



It’s pretty amazing to find a product that kids love and just want to keep watching and doing over and over. Especially when it’s educational, and school related.

This year has been a bit of a challenge with a Kindergartener who would rather ride his bike and build forts all day than do anything he thinks is school.

When we received Amazing Science to review, that all changed.

His interest in school and learning has been sparked by a friendly Rocket Scientist and some really cool experiments.

Amazing Science! Volume 1 is one of the coolest things we have reviewed in the 4 years we’ve been cruising with the Crew. It’s more than amazing!

This two disc set of DVDs has 23 experiments with high quality recording of  demonstrations, step-by-step explanations of concepts, and easy to find materials for each experiment.  The teacher-host, Jason Gibson, has a very friendly dad-like conversational style, and an amazing way of explaining some pretty complicated science principles so even my Kindergartener can understand on his level, yet my high school student comes away with a deeper understanding. Mr. Gibson has earned advanced degrees in Engineering and Physics, worked as a Rocket Scientist for NASA, and has a passion for teaching Science and Math. Pretty cool that my school-phobic kindergartener has been turned on to school by a Rocket Scientist! 🙂

This two volume DVD set retails for $19.95 plus shipping, or can be downloaded for $17.99 for immediate use with no shipping charges at the website. You can see a little video trailer there of Amazing Science!. They also have a whole bunch math dvds to check out.



Here’s a list of the experiments in the set:

Disk 1

Color Changing Milk

Egg in a Bottle

Exploring Air Pressure

Build a Lemon Battery

Inverted Cup of Water

Candle Suction Power

Amazing Magnetic Force

Lift an Ice Cube with String

Unburnable Money

Matchstick Speedboat

Cloud in a Bottle

Reversing an Image with Water

Disk 2

Floating Eggs

Keeping Paper Dry Under Water

Dry Ice Bubbles

Balloon in a Candle Flame

Ocean in a Bottle

Build a Motor with Lights

Simple Lava Lamp

Invisible Ink

Density Tower

Soda Can Fizz

Build a Motor #2

Amazing Science at Gunn Ranch Academy

We have really had an amazing experience with this set of DVDs in so many ways. From it sparking my kindergartener’s interest, to seeing my kindergartener, middle-schooler, and high-schooler all working together, laughing and learning, this has brought some great adventures to our science-loving family.

I have really been amazed that my 6 year old has sat and watched these experiments over and over again. He has walked around the house talking about air pressure, surface tension, magnetism, suction, buoyancy- wow!  I’ve been amazed at his excitement to talk to his science- loving daddy (who has a BS in Biology and Chemistry and LOVES teaching his kids about science concepts) about what he has learned.

I have done several experiments with him including the very first one he couldn’t wait to do right away about color changing milk.  We had everything needed for the experiment including milk (we used 2% milk instead of whole milk), food coloring, a cotton swab and dish soap. Levi actually repeated this experiment several times over.


We then watched one of our home-grown chicken eggs  be sucked down into a Starbucks bottle (after I volunteered to drink the contents ;)) and talked about the concepts that Mr. Gibson had talked about as he stood in front of his really-cool galaxy background on the DVD.

We have lifted ice cubes from a glass of water with an ice cube and string and salt, kept paper dry under water, witnessed a dollar bill not catch on fire over a candle flame and watched a matchstick speedboat in a bowl of water with pepper and soap, among other experiments.

Here Levi got all the necessary materials to show me how a candle can suction colored water up into a glass. He explained that the candle flame used “air” to burn and once the glass was placed over the top, it used up all of “air” in the glass until the flame went out which made the blue water rise up in the glass. He was thrilled to see it actually happen right before his eyes!

This has also been a super-great resource for my older girls to interact with and use with my 6 year old. They have done several experiments together without me, then explained what they learned.

I’m amazed that Levi is still watching these DVDs over and over and still interested in doing the experiments, and repeating some that he’s already done.

This is absolutely one of the coolest things we’ve had at our house to play with and learn in a while!

I definitely recommend this to families with kids of all ages!! (You really should buy this.) 🙂

Check out my Crew Mates’ Amazing Science adventures at the Crew Blog!

Happy Homeschooling!


*Disclaimer~ I received this DVD set in exchange for an honest review as a crew mate on the TOS Homeschool Crew. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.


4 thoughts on “Amazing Science!

  1. Chris,

    This review was chosen to run in TOS’ The Homeschool Minute for the whole month of May! 🙂

    Great job!


  2. Great review, I wonder if Starbucks sales went up during this time. I was happy to purchase a few for this review 😉

  3. Look how big Levi is! He’s growing way too fast.

    Great review. You always do such a good job on reviews. I always enjoy reading them.

    Praising Him,

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