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God’s Great Covenant

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We love classical subjects creatively taught!

That’s why we love Classical Academic Press.

This time we were blessed with one of their new line of Bible study programs,  a historical, chronological study of God’s redemptive promises.

These studies were designed to teach the “big picture” of God’s faithfulness to His people from a covenantal, reformed theological perspective, rooted in scripture.

For review we received God’s Great Covenant, New Testament I.

Through stories, worksheets, memory verses, quizzes, and a little boy named Simon from the village of Jareth, kids and adults can explore the Gospels and see how God fulfills His promises to His people.

God’s Great Convenant, New Testament 1: A Bible Course for Children can be purchased for $26.95.  It is targeted for 4th grade and up.


This great little study is divided into 36 weekly chapters with 4 themed units.

~Unit I: Jesus, the Son of Man, Has Come…To Live Among His People

~Unit II: Jesus, God’s Servant, Has Come…To Proclaim the Good News

~Unit III: Jesus, the Messiah, Has Come…To Teach About God’s Kingdom

~Unit IV: Jesus, the Son of God, Has Come…To Conquer Sin and Death


The Teacher’s Edition is a copy of the student text with answer keys and a whole lot of extra facts and information about geography, culture, history and theology to add to your discussion and learning of the New Testament. This amazing resource can be purchased on the website for $29.95.


Visit the website to view some pdf samples of the pages!

We also received an mp3 file download audio book of the readings featured in God’s Great Covenant: NT I. This retails for $9.95. This is just a wonderful resource for auditory learners, or to take on the road while traveling!

CAP offers a bundle of the student book, teacher book, and audio book that is discounted 15% off of the individual prices making it just $56.95.

God’s Great Covenant Adventures at Gunn Ranch Academy

I was super-excited to get this curriculum in the mail because we LOVE Classical Academic Press and are currently using their Latin Alive and Art of Argument.

When we received the books, they were of the same superior quality as their other materials: glossy covers with thick , nicely organized, easy-to-read large font pages.

When I opened the book to begin exploring, I was immediately blessed by the Introduction which explains the way this study of history is based on God’s Covenant, His promises, their fulfillment:  not many covenants, but one covenant that unfolds through the years.

To set the study in motion, the first part of the book gives a historical and political introduction, chronological introduction, geographical introduction, and religious introduction.  Taylor thought this was just a little bit boring (except she really loves the maps!)  as it was packed with facts and statistics and tables of comparisons and such, but we both felt it was necessary to provide a stage and a plot as we dove into Simon’s world. Once we started into the daily life introduction “Welcome to Simon’s World”, we both really loved how it is written in first person as  ten year old Simon tells about himself, where he lives, what he wears and eats, his daily adventures, his house, his community, his views of the Romans and of the Messiah,  his Grandfather’s stories, and life in Jareth.

As we began to explore the first unit’s theme: Jesus, the Son of Man, is like us in every way, yet so very different, Taylor and I both agreed that the conversational style lessons and stories interwoven with worksheets, crossword puzzles, word searches, fill in the blanks, word games, devotional exercises, awesome maps, and super-cute graphics and pictures really give this study a “want-to” feel.  It’s on the top of the pile. The first thing we are anxious to do when we sit down together with our stack of books. Opening our books feels like diving into a new adventure each time.

I think this study will prove itself to be remembered. The presentation is practical.  I think the students can relate to Simon sharing his story of how, when and where he lives, and his very human, ten-year-old feelings of Jesus and his perception of his world. Exploring the gospels with Simon, his parents and grandparents, his family and their day-to-day activities in the life and times of Jesus,  is a great way to help kids relate to the Bible as more than just a story, but as real-life history. And this study is just packed full of real-live facts and promises, truths straight from God’s heart written down as scripture, in an easy to understand format just for kids (and adults too!).

I also love that this study can be used for many ages. My 6 year old has listened in and has loved hearing about Simon’s world. The teacher’s book has a lot of extra references and facts to beef up the study and go way deeper as desired. It’s just an all around winner for families, and would be awesome for Bible study groups too.

I’m pretty certain Taylor will want to work through the rest of this series once we finish this one. (I know I do!)

I definitely recommend checking out Classical Academic Press’s other resources if you’d like to add a classical flavor to your homeschooling! They have some really awesome stuff over there for learning languages, logic, Bible, poetry, and even a pretty cool website to supplement their studies called Headventure Land.  You can find them on Facebook, and receive an email newsletter too.

To read my Crew Mates’ adventures with God’s Great Covenant, visit the Crew Blog!

Happy Homeschooling!



*Disclaimer~ I received this product in exchange for an honest review as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. No other compensation was received and opinions are my own.


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