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Christian Kids Explore Physics

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Back again with another favorite… we LOVE  Bright Ideas Press!

The first time we reviewed Christian Kids Explore Chemistry, Taylor  just loved this series so much we ordered CKE Biology for her this year. She finished it up in the winter and was thrilled when we were given the chance to review CKE Physics.

This is the first time we received the book  in a download format, which was for review purposes only.  Last year we did receive a student activity book download of resources that included activities, experiments, question pages, etc.  from the print book we received with the CKE Chemistry so we didn’t have to write in the book or copy pages from the book.    Taylor just wrote in the CKE Biology book we purchased for use this year, so we didn’t order the CD with student activities to copy separately. The resource CD seemed like a great idea for big families with many kids using the same material, or so the book could be passed down.

But with their new 2nd edition of Christian Kids Explore Physics, a resource CD is included with the print copy, so you don’t have to order and pay for it separately. It also includes more resources than before, adding lesson plans, materials list, and a bonus literature study guide in addition to all of the reproducibles from the book.

To begin with we LOVE LOVE LOVE this cover! Isn’t it cool?



CKE Physics, geared for grades 4-8, retails for $39.95 plus shipping from the Bright Ideas Website.

With 30 easy-to-follow lessons, students develop an understanding of matter and energy, and the rules they follow.

This book follows the same great variety of short readings, questions, experiments, unit reviews, and cool coloring pages that the other Christian Kids Explore titles offer.

Beginning the book is a great little pep talk from the authors, followed by a short section giving suggestions on how to use the book.

Next we see that the lessons are divided into six units:

~Unit 1 The Foundations of Physics including lessons defining physics, measuring, and famous physicists.

~Unit 2 Matter with lessons on composition of matter, atomic physics, molecules and mass, solid and liquids, gases and change in states of matter.

~Unit 3 Mechanics covers force, gravity, work, friction, and energy.

~Unit 4 Matter in Motion discusses motion in a straight line, motion in a circle, Newton’s Laws, projectile motion, and momentum.

~Unit 5 Energy in Motion goes over electromagnetic energy, radio and television, light and color, x-rays, heat, sound, and music.

~Unit 6 Electricity an Magnetism teaches electricity, electric current, magnetism and the Earth’s magnetic field.

Organized with a side column for additional notes, definitions, interesting facts, and vocabulary words, the text portion is super-easy to read and follow and includes lots of charts, crossword puzzles, fill-in-the-blank questions, and visuals.

CKE Physics Adventures at Gunn Ranch Academy

Eleven year old Taylor says, “I like the layout and the hands-on activities. I really like that the lessons are short, fun, and easy to do, but I still learn a lot from them. It’s nice that Mom can let me do this on my own and just be there to clarify if I have questions. She always seems surprised when she quizzes me with the unit wrap-up and I can explain what I learned. Oh, and I really like the cool coloring pages!”

I’m not real sure what to add except that I have to agree that this is truly the ultimate independent study curriculum. And I will also agree that I have been quite surprised at the complete answers and elaboration that I get when Taylor teaches me what she has learned!

This series is truly a wonderful introduction to the sciences to be learned in high school studies. These books are an easy addition to any Christian homeschool curriculum, or could even be a fun summer in-between study for those science geeks like mine :).

While the book has 30 lessons and is suggested to use one lesson a week, my dd finished up each book she’s used in about a semester. Of course if you are using the book along with younger students, or supplementing with other materials, diving in further, or use a relaxed once or twice a week approach, then the book could certainly last through one school year. I just wanted to mention that your older science geeks might gobble it up quickly!

I usually refrain from my opinion on price because everyone has such different budgets and perceptions of value when it comes to study materials. But I just have to say that I truly believe the CKE science series is well worth the price- a wonderful value, especially the new editions which include the resource cd!

To read about my Crew Mates’ Bright Ideas Press adventures with this and other CKE science books, visit the Crew Blog!

*Bright Ideas Press offers a wonderful variety of well organized, user-friendly, time saving educational materials and resources. They’ve got some pretty amazing stuff for history, geography, literature, science, homeschool helps, and even an incredible literature/history rich program which ties together and structures a complete year of learning together. This homeschool family owned and operated company is truly a blessing and offers years of valuable experience and homeschool success behind their products!! You just can’t ask for more than that when it comes to finding perfect products for your kids!

Thank you so much to the Hogan family and the rest of the Bright Ideas Team for all you offer to our homeschool community! Y’all really are a blessing!

Happy Homeschooling!



~Disclaimer~I received this download as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew for review purposes. No other compensation was received and opinions are my own.


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