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Write with World

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Another writing program? Who needs another writing program?

Well, let me tell you this is not just another writing program. Designed for middle school students, this program was developed by the publishers of  Gods World News, and World Magazine. Yep. Real, live, professional writers who actually write for a living brought together their experience and knowledge to share their world with your kids!  `

 If, at this point you are thinking, hmmm, it sounds like this program must have lots of photojournalist approach projects, colorful photographs, hands-on magazine activities, reporting assignments, critical thinking, active discussions of perspective, reviewing and critiquing, and maybe some advertisement analyzing, well you would be correct. But the cool thing is that since this is a Christian company, there is a wonderful Biblical Worldview interwoven throughout the program. They believe that Christians must be effective communicators to be able to effectively share the gospel with others.

For review we received a pilot version of the first year of this two year program. Along with the non-consumable student book and teacher’s manual that we received, the program will also include access to an interactive website where students will have the opportunity to have their writing published, among other things. (This website isn’t yet up and running, and books will be available for shipment this summer- hold tight!)

You can order the program at a cost of $95.00 for year one or two, which includes student, teacher materials and website access. Or you can go ahead and purchase year 1 and 2 at a discount for $165.00 for both with a two year website access.

The only things you will need in addition to the books is a notebook of some sort for your student to use as a writing/assignment journal. Oh, and some sort of magazines like World or others you have on hand to use for assignments.



Writing with World at Gunn Ranch Academy

My girls love to write. They write and read a lot. We subscribed to God’s World News for many years, working our way through the different grade-level magazines. They loved them. When I told Taylor that God’s World News folks had created a writing program, she was as anxious as I was to see what it was all about.

We both immediately loved the look and feel of the books. Nice quality, with bright colorful pictures, advertisements, and an easy-on-eyes, clutter free organization about the pages. Short lessons, called “capsules” in this program. Now we did get a pilot copy, so we had no page numbers, table of contents, etc. But the layout of the books is great. Her little student book is a square shape and a little smaller than an average book, and she commented on liking it a lot. My teacher’s manual is laid out long ways like a landscape print, which I didn’t care much for because it was a bit cumbersome to work with, but again, this might not be the way the final copies come through, and by no means subtracts anything from the actual program.

Each capsule (lesson)  has some great discussion and thinking questions. The teacher’s manual explains things really clearly, helping with discussion ideas, methodology, and includes evaluations for each unit.

Taylor has really liked the “real feel” to the program. I’ve enjoyed discussing advertising schemes with her, and we shared a lot of laughs through the first several capsules which discussed persuasive advertisements, because we don’t subscribe to cable so we don’t watch tv. The only time we use our tv is to watch movies together. We had some great discussion on how annoying worldly advertising can be, and how glad we don’t have to fall into so much of it.

She has always been a journal keeper, and both of my girls enjoy keeping special journals for writing thoughts, ideas, stories, drawing, etc. So this fit right into Taylor’s world.

We have only finished the first unit, so we aren’t  into much of the meat of the program yet, but looking ahead it looks like there are some amazing things to discover up ahead. We definitely plan on finishing this program and will probably order the second part which will come with the website access to add interest.

For a “real” world experience in writing coupled with a Biblical worldview, I most certainly recommend this program with two thumbs up.

Check out World’s website to further investigate the Table of Contents of this program, as well  as sample pdf, and some more specific reasons why this program was created.

Future plans include a High School program as well!

Check out my Crew Mates adventures with Write with World over a the Crew Blog!



~Disclaimer~ I received this product in exchange for an honest review as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. No other compensation was received and opinions are my own. 



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