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Creek Edge Press~Ancient World Task Card Set

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Creek Edge Press was founded by a homeschool mom as an extension of her original idea of creating task cards for her own daughter to use in their homeschool journey.

Her desire was to create a discovery based, research oriented, independent learning environment combining Montessori, Classical and Charlotte Mason learning styles.

We have used a combination of all three of these learning styles in our learning adventures, so I was interested to see what these task cards were all about.

For review we received a set of Ancient World Task cards along with a teacher’s guide. This set can be purchased for $20 at the Creek Edge Press website.

It is adaptable for grades K-8. There are 38 cards in this set which come in a plastic sleeve.

The Teacher’s Guide consists of a 28 page booklet introducing the task card approach, how to use them, approaching the tasks for the teacher and then again for the student, preparing the environment,  book list per grade along with tips, and finally the general subject of each card and extra things a student might need to complete them.

There are different tasks on each card and a variation among subject material as well. The teacher’s guide covers and further explains each task very well including ideas and activities that can be included with different tasks.

Some of the tasks included are:

~Encyclopedia Research

~Further Reading


~Sketch and Label


~Biographical Summary

~Literature Summary

~Informational Booklets




~Display Board

~Compare and Contrast

~Time line and Century Book





The task cards are presented in chronological order.

~Our Thoughts on Task Cards~

I can certainly picture a nice and organized schoolroom with a shelf full of resources the teacher has prepared to go with these cards so that students can just pick the books and resources up and discover everything there is to know about the general subjects at hand.  While this sounds wonderful in theory, my resources are not anywhere near that organized! We do have tons of resources, and sort of use this approach to learning as we do dig into many different books and resources while studying history. My kids are able to spend as much or as little time on each subject as their interest intrigues them to.  I try to make a crate or two of all the resources needed to go with the guides we use, which is pretty much the same thing these cards require to use. However, our current resources offer a bit more commentary and guidance while the students perform many of these same tasks which are built into the resources we use.  My preference is to include a worldview commentary to guide my students in understanding history. They do currently work independently discovering history in much the same way, but I found the cards a bit too general for our style of learning.

As I read through the theory and approach of the task cards,  I can see how the students can take a broad idea and run with it, given the resources to fly with. I think the idea behind these cards could definitely be a great guidance in the right environment and allow the student to learn to discover and research, helping them grow in independent study abilities. I do think that the parent/teacher must dedicate a large amount of time and energy to finding and making resources available for the task card approach to be ultimately successful. Again, I can certainly appreciate the wonderful images I get from the ideas presented here, but my time and energy are not available to this extent, nor are my planning skills.  While this isn’t our flavor of learning I can definitely see it working for others, including families with many levels of kids.

To see more reviews on this and other task card sets, visit our Crew Blog!

Happy Homeschooling




*I received these materials as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew for review purposes. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.


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