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Reading Eggs

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Reading Eggs is an online reading program for ages 3-7.

They also have a fluency program to continue after kids have mastered Reading Eggs called Reading Eggspress for ages 7-13.

There are a growing number of online learning resources out there.  Technology has brought learning to a whole new level by pairing traditional learning methods with fun activities and games that children love playing on the computer.

My kids LOVE online games. But my just-turned-six year old has NOT enjoyed learning to read like my older two did. I’ve tried so many different approaches, cute stories, cute books, basic flashcards, games, etc.

When we had the opportunity to review an online reading program, I had my doubts.

As I created his account, he peeked over my shoulder wondering what new game site this was. I didn’t mention the reading part, and before I knew it he was up and working through his map.  After a significant amount of time, I still didn’t hear him complaining, but instead calling his sister to come look at the adorable character that just hatched from his first egg!

I let him continue on for way longer than I would normally allow him to “play” on the computer.  I must admit out of curiosity I let him continue on for some of 3 hours that first day!  Near the end of his initial session I hadn’t heard him mention reading once. When I asked him what he thought of it, he said he knew it was reading, but that he totally loved it.

I wondered what the next day, and the next would have in store. He continued to love it. He loved sharing the new characters hatching from the eggs with his sister.

To this day, over a month later, he is still loving Reading Eggs! He has mentioned it getting harder, and has been a bit frustrated when he can’t complete an activity or misses things, but has continued to be motivated to work through the levels by the cute animated characters and rewards earned every step along the cute path he is journeying down. Look how cute:

See how cute the eggs are, and the treasure chests along the way? Also notice at the top on the left side the bird character; the child can actually create their own avatar along with accessories. Levi’s character is a horse wearing a green egg with a lightening bolt on it and he added a green cape today.

Also at the top notice the golden eggs. They  can earn these along the way and then spend them at the arcade, or “buy” things for their house, or for their avatar.  Each time they get to the end of the path on their current map or level, they take Reggie’s Reading Quiz and earn a certificate that can be printed.

The avatar can ride Reggies’ bus to many destinations besides the map where the lessons are worked through. They can visit Reggie’s shop, the playroom, puzzle place, arcade, driving tests, and other activities along the way which all deal with some aspect of reading skills.

This is what a typical lesson looks like:


As the child works through the map, the level will show up on the left and the egg that is working to be hatched is on the bottom left. As activities are worked through, the egg gets cracks in it and an adorable character hatches out. All of the characters can be seen along the path after they are hatched, and there is a “book” that the child can look at and see all of his characters as well.

You can try Reading Eggs out by registering for a 14 day free trial. Then, when your child asks to continue, you can purchase a one year subscription for just $75.00, a six month subscription for $49.95, or pay $9.95 monthly. There are also book packs with stories, posters, stickers and flashcards available for purchase to go along with the lessons that can  be purchased at a great discount at the time of subscribing!

Free for downloading and printing are also worksheets that go along with all 120 lessons. They contain the same words and characters that the lesson covers. They are really cute :). You can print them by logging in to the parent account that is created when registering on the website.

After creating a parent account, you can add children’s accounts from there.  By logging into the main parent account you can see each child’s account, progress and achievements, and current lesson.  You can see when each child was registered, and edit details of the child’s account from the parent dashboard also.

By clicking on the “my account” tab in the parent dashboard, the parent can edit personal details, choose to receive reading eggs emails (some have promo codes for free time!), choose to receive student report emails, ABC emails, and choose an American, British or Austrailian accent. (Levi loves the British accent :)!)

From the “manage my subscriptions” tab you can see your active subscriptions, how much time is left, and which ones have expired.

By clicking on the “my children” tab, and then upon the individual child’s name, you can see even more information and stats about the child than on the original parent dashboard.  Here you can see not only the current lesson, but how many golden eggs have been earned, the estimated reading age, how many phonic skills (out of the 237 on the program), how many sight words (of the 200 on the program), and then a list of quick stats which is a more comprehensive list of specific words that were learned, the name of the book in the lesson that was read, etc.

Additional thoughts from a Reading Eggs Kid:

Levi really loves Reading Eggs. His Mom loves is even more because it’s the first program he’s used that he hasn’t gotten tired of or complained about using after a while. Granted after almost 2 months of continued use he is slowing down a little bit from using it for hours to shorter periods because it’s getting a little harder.

But he is still motivated to get on and try, and his older sister loves to sit and help him because she says the characters are so cute and she loves seeing what will hatch from the eggs. 🙂

Levi says he likes the website so much because it’s easy for him to use and he doesn’t need someone to sit and read things to him. He can figure out how to do it all on his own. He says there are some parts that are hard that are not his favorite, but if he just keeps working through those it comes to the other parts that he really likes to do.

I like the progress I’m seeing happen. I have watched his reading level increase, and we have printed off several really cute achievement certificates for the Map Quizzes he has completed.

I totally recommend this website to those with kids learning to read.  We didn’t explore the advanced level Reading Eggspress yet, but I’m certainly planning to continue with it once we get there. We have a long ways to go at this point, but with the progress he’s making we’ll get there eventually! Some of my Crew Mates had children who did use Reading Eggpress, so be sure and read through the rest of the reviews for other opinions and adventures with this program!  Check them out over at the Crew Blog!

Happy Reading!



*We were given a three-month subscription for review purposes as members of the TOS Homeschool Crew. No other compensation was received and opinions are our own.


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