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K5 Learning

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K5 Learning is an online reading and math enrichment program for Kindergarten to Fifth Graders.  It is researched based, and aligned with national standards.

K5 Learning is personalized at your child’s level through assessment tests and skill progress, not age.

There are no ads, no chat, and no external links to distract your child, yet it is fun and interactive with cute characters and short user-friendly lessons.

K5 Learning is actually 4 programs in one:

K5 Reading, K5 Spelling,  K5 Math, and K5 Math Facts, all included for one subscription price. Monthly subscriptions are $25 for one child and $15 for each additional child.  Yearly subscriptions are $199 per child and $129 for each additional child. Again, this gives unlimited use of all four programs, parent monitoring and reports, assessment tests, and even an assignment feature if the parent needs to assign lessons. They do offer a free 14 day trial so you can get a feel for all they have to offer! Along with a free 14 day trial comes a free reading and free math assessment.


They have a great little video tour over at the website that explains the program very well, and shows how it works.


After logging on, the child is taken to an opening screen where they can choose from the four K5 programs.

After choosing which they will work on, they are taken to the lesson they are currently working at according to their own skill level and progress.

Once a short lesson is completed, the child is taken to a screen with results of the lesson, then onto a traffic director and stop light where they can choose whether to continue on or stop.

Check out some more screen shots of lessons here. The animations are really cute, and the screens are super-easy to work through.


Our K5 Learning Adventures

My K5 Learner at Gunn Ranch Academy is Levi, my just-turned-six year old Kindergartner.  He loves to play on the computer, but has really not been as excited about “school” as my two older girls were at his age.

I was totally thrilled that he was cooperative and willing to take the K5 Reading and Math assessment tests. I was thinking that he probably really didn’t need to take them because we would probably just begin at the very beginning, but upon viewing the results I really appreciated the extent of information it gave. I love that it breaks down the assessments into so many different areas of the subjects, not just lumping them all into one grade or one level. This allowed me to really see where he was at, which areas he was excelling at at which areas needed work.

At Kindergarten level we did not use the K5 Spelling or the Math Facts, but I did view these areas myself. They are very well organized and every bit as motivational for the student as the Reading and Math programs that Levi enjoyed.

Levi really liked the Math Program. The lessons have enough variety in subject content as well as different characters, different settings and different skills needed to complete the tasks that he didn’t seem to get bored doing the same thing over and over. One screen might be apartment doors where he has to “knock on” the spoken numbered door, and another is making a candy train from geometric shapes. My favorite part was the mechanical device that delivered little colored balls to the top or side of the screen to fill up the empty spaces as the skills were completed. 🙂

One of the real appeals of this program is that the lessons are short and to-the-point.  If the child gets a bit frustrated by missing questions or skills, it gives the answer after a couple of tries (in a nice way), so that the child can move on to complete the lesson. The same skill will come up in a different format to allow the child to keep practicing at it until it’s mastered. I love the screen that comes up after each lesson with the traffic cop holding his hand out. The child can easily click on the stop light to continue with the next lesson, or stop if they have had enough for the day.

The reading and math skills that Levi has been using are right at his level. While he has advanced through lessons and made some progress, he has been able to continue using the program without a whole lot of frustration for it getting too hard.  The parts of the program that have been a bit challenging for him have changed up enough to keep him working on the skills without giving up. That’s my other favorite part :).

The parent dashboard is pretty easy to use. You can see your student information, then click on view reports, assign reading and math lessons, add spelling words, or change spelling setting right from the dashboard.There is a great help center with answers to every question I can think of.  There is help on getting started, tips on assessment, lessons and levels, getting reports, setting up K5 math facts, adding lessons, etc. You can also visit the K5 Learning Blog for great articles and information on childhood learning issues. They have a newsletter, and you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook as well!

The parent has the ability to change levels too. Another great thing about the program is a whole area for free math worksheets by grade, then by operation needing practice.

I would say K5 has just about everything you need to reinforce reading and math skills for your K-5 student. While it was created as an after-school or summer reinforcement program, it’s also a wonderful teaching tool for homeschoolers.

I would really love to continue this program for Levi, as I believe it has really been a wonderful learning tool, especially with his math skills. The cost, however, is quite prohibitive for our family.  I would certainly recommend other families who might have a larger budget, however, check it out!

Be sure to check out my Crew Mates K5 Learning adventures over at the Crew Blog!

Happy Homeschooling!




* We were give a free trial subscription to the full K5 Learning Website for review purposes as  members of the TOS Homeschool Crew. No other compensation was received, and opinions are our own.


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