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No Wonder They Call Him the Savior

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No Wonder They Call Him the Savior by Max Lucado, one of his earlier books, has been republished in 2011. 

 It is my mission to read all of Max Lucado’s books, as I just really love his style of writing and the heart-felt, honest way that he “lets” us as readers all be human, but challenges us to strive to be everything we were intended to be as kids of the Heavenly Father who made us.  I also love that most of his books are written in small bite-sized chapters that are easily studied as in-depth as you want to go with a meaty study-guide included in the back for use if you choose.

First time through this book,  I enjoyed the imagery I got from Max describing Jesus in the flesh. I took to heart the fact that Jesus was thirsty, exhausted, frustrated, angry, and joyful. I allowed myself to take a good look at the Cross: It’s Words, It’s Witnesses, and It’s Wisdom (the three parts this book is divided into.) I closed my eyes, and imagined that Jesus was who the Bible says He was,  as I read through the thoughts and ideas written down here in plain and simple words. I also “saw” the disciples, his friends, and the people we know surrounded Him, wrote about Him, and who kept their promise to tell the world about Him after he was gone. 

 I love the mix of Scripture, Bible stories, and modern applications. I love the way things are explained, and the questions that are asked.  I love the images that are brought to mind through descriptive illustrations and stories. 

In 33 chapters, Max takes his readers through the life of Jesus Christ straight to the Cross, “leaving no doubt why they call him savior.”

On my second read through this book, highlighter and zebra pen in hand, I am taking a look at some deeper hidden jewels that are in every book I’ve ever read by Max Lucado. This is the part, in my opinion, that makes him a most successful author, pastor and teacher. You can read his words, ideas, interpretations, conversations, teachings, chapters, sentences, and books as a quick pick-me-up inspiration, or can take it to a deeper level, picking out the theological principles that are there in plain English.

This is definitely one of my favorites I’ve read from Max Lucado, and would certainly recommend to others.


* I received this book from Thomas Nelson from their BookSneeze program in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.


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