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Visual Latin update

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Yay! Taylor and I finished all 10 lessons of our Visual Latin today. Next we will be moving into the next 10 that I purchased while we had a special deal (I actually was able to purchase through lesson 30, then the first ten lessons of the next level!).

I wanted to update, because this Latin program is just absolutely AWESOME. I am really enjoying learning alongside Taylor.  We have completed a few other Latin programs, but I wasn’t really able time-wise or concentration-wise to really keep up and learn it myself. The girls have both really done an amazing job learning the language, however.

Since I am an English grammar lover, Latin has been very interesting to learn, and I have been able to “keep up” with the girls lessons, just not really memorizing endings, and vocabulary. But I have been able to learn and help explain the grammatical parts, which I believe has helped them learn, both Latin and English grammar.

Dwane Thomas, the instructor for Visual Latin, really does make this a great class. The lessons are short, but easily learned as the instructor really explains the concepts well, with not too much at once (not to mention his enthusiasm and humor!).

 Today’s lesson was about direct objects which is the accusative case in Latin. Each noun is either masculine, feminine or neuter- and the gender determines the ending, along with whether it is singular or pleural. I’m so excited to be understanding!

Granted, I can’t really “say something” in Latin yet, right off the top of my head.  A coworker asked me to say something the other day, and I couldn’t really think of anything to say. I’m sure if I thought long and hard enough I might have been able to come up with something. Which brings me to the next part I really LOVE about Visual Latin. The lessons are divided into three parts. Part A is your basic concept, Part B is sentences, or practicing the concept, and Part C is Dwane reading from a Latin Bible, then reading again so you can repeat, then you have what he just read on a worksheet in which you interpret it into English. There is a word bank of words that goes along with it to look at, but after several lessons of interpretation, the main words become easily recognizable and remembered (just like learning your native language as a child). Hmmm, what a concept. Lets teach the way we learned our own language?

I really love that each section of a lesson A,B, and C has a worksheet that goes with it. It is just SO EASY to open the file and print what you need. Then if you need to clarify or check the answers, you can go right into the file and find the answers written out. So far, we haven’t had to look up too many of the answers, as the lessons are well explained, and the worksheets are pretty easy to follow.

Last year I bought some Latin reading books. A few are like little beginner books with animals, number, colors. I need to pull those out and read through them now. I also got Winnie the Pooh in Latin from Paperback Swap, and I’m thinking it would be fun to pull that out soon.

We found the jewel of a lifetime at Half Price books- an old Latin Bible. The girls have both really enjoyed reading through it, trying to identify words they know and put the sentences together.

I also bought How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Yes Virginia There is a Santa Claus, and a cd of Latin Christmas music last year before Christmas. I actually just remembered these as I was typing this up, and now I’m gonna have to go find them!!

Morgan is continuing a different Latin program, but has listened in on several of the VL lessons. They are so short that it would be very easy to go back through and listen to them several times for review, which they will probably do before taking the National Latin Exam, which will be coming up soon. Reminds me, I need to check in on that again too!!

If you are looking for a really great Latin program, I would definitely recommend Visual Latin. It’s really awesome!!

For my TOS review of Visual Latin, click here.

The website it here, where you can read more about it, and even get some sample lessons if you want to check it out for yourself!

If you’d like to purchase it, click here. (I’m not selling this, I’m not an affiliate, and I don’t get anything for mentioning this, just including the link here to be nice because this really is a great program.)



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