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NaNoWriMo 2011 Winners!!

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     This is the second year Morgan and Taylor have participated in NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program. I was so grateful last year to have found this website, and have been totally delighted that the girls have taken such an interest in it.  They have both continued throughout the year to participate in the forums on the Young Writer’s website, making friends and discussing books, stories, and other literary topics, as well as other interests.  I couldn’t have dreamed a better way to get them interested or involved in such a cool way with their academics. Morgan has found several books and book series she has enjoyed from discussions on the forum.

     They have been thinking all year on continuing last year’s writings. They anticipated November and counted down the days as if Christmas were coming. Having had prior experience, they weren’t nervous about meeting wordcount goals, but knew they had to stay on top of it to meet their goals. Morgan got a little busy along the way with some unexpected fence building as well as needing to continue her high school studies, but did end up meeting her goal of 50,000 words with a final total of 51,805, winning at 103.61%. Her novel is titled FireShadow- The Dragon’s Arising. This is the “epic sequel” to FireShadow, last year’s novel. Way to Go Morgan!!

     Taylor met her goal of 20,000 word this year with a final total of 25,343 and winning at 126.72 %. Her novel is called Sylvan Chronicles Part 2 (love the Latin there, don’t you?!!). Way to Go Taylor!!

     Personally, I just love being able to look at their profiles, and see their enthusiasm, tastes and interests.On the profile page there is a section called “NaNoWriMo Magazine Interview with Mustang “(Taylor’s NaNo name) where it asks what authors and books inspire you to write, favorite music to novel by,  survival methods you plan to use to get through NaNoWriMo, and what do you do when you aren’t noveling.  Morgan’s NaNo name is Dragonheart for anyone out there wanting NaNo friends, feel free to friend both Morgan and Taylor, as they love interacting and encouraging their NaNo friends!

   I was also happy to see my niece Lily joining in on the fun. She completed her goal of 10,000 words, finishing at 10,127 with a novel titled In Land of Dragons. Way to go Lily!!




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