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Great Commission Languages ~ Easy Spanish

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Great Commission Languages offers language programs that take a whole different approach to learning a foreign language. Or maybe I should say different from traditional foreign language programs. I’ve often wondered why foreign languages are not taught the same way as our own language is taught- through phonics. Well, here it is. A language program that is phonetic, incremental, and Christian.

I love that one of the goals of this program is to help you go beyond “getting by” on a missions trip. Every lesson includes cultural notes and trivia, and the stories include idioms and expressions used commonly by the people of the native language you are studying.

We received El Espanol Facil Level l, which aims to turn you into a truly bilingual person, able to go into business with, or present the gospel to the Spanish speaking world. Now that’s cool.

The 36 lesson book comes with two CD’s with recordings of all 36 lessons (stories and vocabulary) spoken by Native Spanish speakers. Also on the Cd’s are phonograms, Spanish songs, scripture memory verses, and even the Lord’s Prayer. The files on the CD’s contain all of the activities to print as well as extra notebooking and activity pages to use.

The introduction of the book describes many ways the program can be used from a 2-3 year program for younger children to an independent approach for high school credit. It explains the different concepts used to put the program together which best facilitate learning.

The Directions pages of the book goes over the many different sections, explaining the story, vocabulary, activities, narration, “Soy yo! It’s me section- which is a special activity/project designed from the Charlotte Mason theory of learning,  a Charlotte Mason activity section designed for the Independent learner, teacher helps, scripture memory work, cultural notes, trivia, notebook, things to remember, everyday vocabulary, and journal sections. There are also several different scope and sequence checklists, lesson planner templates, along with a discussion of testing opportunities.

The final pages of the directions discuss putting together the notebook/binder for the course.

There is an extensive appendix section with many different aids, as well as phonogram cards to cut a laminate, or copy on cardstock if desired.

¡El Español Fácil!, Level I

Order your copy of ¡El Español Fácil!, Level 1. Includes 2 enhanced audio CD’s. Put them in your stereo CD player to follow along as Marita travels from Tulsa OK to visit her cousin Belicia in Ensenada, Mexico. It gets even more fun (and educational) when cousins Erika and Miguel also arrive from Venezuela. Hear the Spanish scripture memory verses and practice the Spanish phonograms. Put the CD’s in your computer, and you can print out free activity sheets your children can do again and again!

Note that this is a 3 year program for younger students, or 1 to 2 year curriculum for older students! It has over 400 pages, and includes beautiful, professional illustrations. The audio CD’s (featuring the voices of native Spanish speakers) have been digitally mastered, bringing you nothing but audio excellence!


Great Commission Languages - Spanish Level 1

Great Commission Languages - Spanish text with dog

Gunn Ranch Academy Adventures

Taylor was super excited to receive this Spanish program as she has mentioned she really hoped we could review a great Spanish program. She loves her Latin, but wanted to try learning Spanish. When I read through the way the program was so thoughtfully and scientifically developed, I was just amazed, and was excited to begin it as well.  Upon receiving the book, I began to read through the first part of the directions, and tried to get a feel for a schedule and how we could fit this into our week. I have to admit I was a bit confused with this part.  I felt we needed the Independent learner schedule for it to work for us, but  I felt a little confused when I looked at all of the different activities, etc. I figured once we jumped in and started using the program it would make more sense.

So Taylor and I sat down together and put the disc into the computer, and listened to Lesson 1 story, following along in the book. The book lists the character names and the conversation. The conversation in the story is a mix of English and Spanish, making it easy to follow along. Some of it is completely in Spanish, some completely English, and some sentences are a mix of both languages, much like the Spanish is spoken in South Texas where we live. Next, we listened to the vocabulary.

Moving on to the Activity section, the note said to pick the activities you would like to do, not necessarily all of them. We had a bit of a hard time figuring out this section, and what actually to do. For the independent learner method, I wasn’t quite sure how the activities should work, and Taylor was confused on what she was supposed to do. I knew I would have to read through the program more thoroughly and list for her what she needed to do, which I just don’t have time to do.

The Independent Learner section began by referring them to their lesson planner. As we read through the lesson planner template, again we were both a little confused.  It would take a bit more reading over the whole program for me to help Taylor fit it all together and come up with a plan.

We put the program away, and picked it back up again in a few days. We listened again to the story, and vocabulary, and looked through the files at the activity worksheets, and I printed a couple off.  We read through the whole lesson, and tried going through the checklist, but the whole program just wasn’t seeming to flow. Taylor definitely did not understand how to use it independently, and I would need to take the time to go through it and try and come up with a schedule she could use by going through all of the steps and activities.

I believe this program would be great for a teacher who has time to go through it all and plan activities and teach them, and on a daily schedule. This doesn’t seem to work well two to three days a week, and we couldn’t quite figure out the independent usage. While I love the concept of this program, I will have to put it away until maybe summer or so when I hopefully will have more time to go through it a bit more thoroughly to figure out how to use it, and create a more specific schedule for Taylor to understand.

Great Commission Languages also offers a Junior Level of Easy Spanish for K-3, as well as Easy French in regular and Junior Levels.

Be sure and visit our Crew Blog to see opinions on all of these great products from Great Commission Language!



*We received Easy Spanish as Crew Mates on the TOS Homeschool Crew for review purposes. No other compensation was received and opinion are our own.


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