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Time Timer- Yes You CAN See Time!

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Time Timer ~ Make Every Moment Count!

Time is like the wind, you can’t see it, but you can see the effects of it.

I see my kids growing right before my eyes by the lines and dates on the door trim that keep stepping upward. Thus, I can see time!

But when I tell Levi, “Five more minutes and you need to head to the bathtub kind sir,” he certainly can NOT see five minutes.

Or he couldn’t until now. Now, he can look at the red area on our Time Timer and see it disappear, and know exactly when it’s tubby time.

In education, business, special needs, and everyday life, the Time Timer will fit right into just what you are doing!

When I received my 3″ Time Timer for review, I immediately began thinking of a hundred ways I could use a timer, besides the obvious: teaching my five year old about time.

While I’m not at all a fan of timed math drills, timed reading, or putting undo pressure on kids to hurry through their schoolwork, I do believe teaching the concept of time management, setting limits and boundaries, and feeling a sense of accomplishment from completing a given task on time can be very valuable tools in learning. And playing. And working.   And everyday life.  After all, if I don’t set a timer while I’m baking, my results are less than desirable!

The first thing I really love about the Time Timer is the way the face is marked off in clear 5 minute increments. When the timer is set, the red film covers the area to be counted down with the numbers still clearing showing. As the time elapses, the red pie shape gets smaller, allowing the user to visualize the amount of time left spatially.  When the clear bead hits O,  a subtle *beep, beep* sounds, but doesn’t keep annoyingly ringing until manually stopped like some other timers I’ve used. Which brings me to another point. The clock doesn’t tick, which keeps distraction to a minimum. Nice!


The Time Timer comes in three sizes, and can be ordered on the website.

~3″ is $30.00

~8″ is $35.00

~12″ is $40.00

In addition to the timers, you can find software, and iPad and iTouch applications, a really cool wristwatch timer over at the website for purchase.

Another cool thing they have is a neat wooden puzzle for teaching time to ages 3 and up.

With all of these handy gadgets, you and your family will be seeing time like you never thought possible!

Timely Thoughts from Gunn Ranch Academy

Last week, Taylor had a friend over, and the kids challenged Daddybear to a game of Camo-hide-n-seek-after-dark on our 40 acre ranch.  My hubby was positive it would take all night for them to find him, while the kids were just sure it wouldn’t take more than a half hour at most.  Daddybear only wanted three minutes to hide, so I went and got my Time Timer, setting  it for 3 minutes, and off he went. Laden in army acu’s, he had a Roman Candle left over from the 4th of July in his hand to set off as a flare in 30 minutes. When the kids heard the *beep beep* go off after three minutes, they were off to find him and I reset the Time Timer for 30 minutes, an entire half of red pie. Since I was secretly relishing the quiet/alone time, the red pie seemed to disappear from the face way too fast! But alas, I heard the subtle *beep beep*, and went to the porch to watch for the flare. Sure enough, it went off as the kids came running from the other direction. 🙂

And then it was the girls turn to hide while Levi and Daddybear tried to find them. They required that I set the Time Timer for 5 minutes, and with just one minute to go- and a very,very slim piece of pie showing on the face, I heard footsteps running to the porch and dashing through the door, “We need more time!! Can we have another three minutes?” And Daddybear, being the generous Camo-hide-n-seek-after-dark, good-sport that he is, let me make the slice of pie on the Time Timer a little bit bigger to give them a bit more time to hide. Levi awaited anxiously for the red to disappear, then when he heard the *beep beep*, off the boys went to find the girls. Of course our Ranch Security aka Great Pyrenees, Child Protective Service Dogs pretty much gave away the local of the oldest who was nestled down in the brush, but Daddybear said he didn’t want to climb back in the brush to find her and sent his partner Levi back in the house for a spotlight to call her out. But in the meantime, they got ear of the geese wonking wildly, and knew they were on to the other two, so went in hot pursuit.  With a 5 minute slice of red left on the Time Timer, Tayt and Kait were found and they all came back inside- leaving Morgan nestled in the brush with the CPS Pyrenees standing by and the Kitten sitting right on top of her, to victory.  Once the *beep beep* was heard, I gave Morgan a few more minutes, then called her cell phone giving her the news that she had alluded the seekers and won a sweet victory, despite the CPS dogs ratting her out.


What ways can you think of to use a cool timer like this?

To read about my Crew Mates’ Time Timer adventures, visit the TOS Crew Blog!

Relish the time with your kids and make it count, those lines on the wall climb upwards way too fast!



*We received this Time Timer for review purposes as members of the TOS Homeschool Crew. No other compensation was received, and opinions and original stories are my own.


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