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Jim Wells County Fair Horse Show Oct. 2011

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We had a great time last week participating in the Jim Wells County Fair.

The horse show was on Saturday October 15th, which is technically before the actual fair begins, but we like to do it that way since it takes a whole day, and we aren’t thoroughly worn out from the rest of the fair showing and activities.

The girls were really excited about showing, and about showing with their friends.

Morgan had shown Grace in the summer at district, but was really excited to see how she has progressed, and was super excited to participate in the costume contest. Both girls have been making plans and working on costumes for quite some time, and all of the participants in the costume contest had outstanding attire.

Morgan went with a knight theme, technically speaking, she ended up as a “princess warrior” deciding to wear her tiara on her head in place of a helmet. I love this picture where judge Tiffany is smiling at Grace who is sticking her tongue out at her :).

Wish you could see the unicorn face plate Morgan made Grace but it’s metalic and reflecting the sun. Also wish I had a picture of the awesome shield she made and handpainted. Very creative costume!


Taylor went with a Goddess theme, using a Cleopatra costume and draping pretty white flowing material from Lee, riding side saddle/bareback (of course). That’s Tayt’s best friend Kaitlyn and her horse Rucker dressed up like hippies in the background :).

And looking hot and tired here!


The judge had a very hard decision to make, and talked to each contestant to find out their theme, and why they chose it.

I was so proud of Grace for allowing Morgan to ride her, and keeping her cool when her unicorn horn headpeace fell down over her eye 🙂

Morgan didn’t enter Grace in any of the riding classes because she really wasn’t ready at the time of registration, but Grace did very well in the halter classes.

She took second in the Register Mares, and most exciting thing of all was Morgan placing second in Senior Showmanship with Grace.



They worked beautifully as a team, and I thought Reserve Grand Champion Showman was a wonderful honor to take home! She received a beautiful plaque at the award ceremony during the last day of the fair. Next year, maybe she’ll get that buckle!!


Taylor rode in just about every event with Lee except the goat tying, and also showed in halter classes.


She did extremely well in all of her events, and also placed second in showmanship, making her the Reserve Grand Champion Junior Showman. She was overjoyed that her friend Kaitlyn won 1st in showmanship so they could have “matching buckles” since Taylor won the buckle last year for Grand Champion Junior Showman.


Taylor and Lee worked beautifully as a team in every event. She tried Trail this year for the first time and they did a wonderful job. (though I can’t exactly remember the placing- she was 4th or 5th and got a ribbon and a scoop with a leather JWC horse show logo on it)! Here’s Judge Tiffany galloping the kids through the Trail on their imaginary horses:


And Taylor concentrating on hooking back up the gate after coming through it:


She placed up there in Western Pleasure as well and I was so proud of the way she got a time in every speed event, running her best times ever in pretty much all of them.



She came away with a whole handful of ribbons and lots of great prizes including a cd case with leather inscripted JWC Horseshow 2011 on it, and really cool bag with the same inscripted leather patch, a scoop, bucket, and a couple of other neat things.

She also collected a beautiful plaque at the awards ceremony:

The best thing they took away from the show, however, was some great memories with their best friends 🙂


High fives all the way around!


It was really hard to choose the pictures to post here- we ended up with over 1000 pictures between Kaitlyn’s dad giving me a disc with 918 pictures on it, and I had over 100. Not to mention I probably just exceeded my bandwidth capacity loading what I did- so my posts on the rest of the fair which will be goats, rabbit, heifer, and auction will be happening as soon as I can!! Stay tuned…


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