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JWC Fair Week!

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Well, we are halfway through fair week. Exhausted, but worth it.

It’ll be a bit before I have time to upload photos to photobucket to post, but you can see some on Facebook from the Horse Show Saturday.

The horse show was a success, and the kids had a great time. I loved seeing the kids support and root for each other, and make some great memories.

Morgan showed Grace- it was her second show, and she even rode her in the costume contest which was a blast. There were about 13 or so participants and the costumes were all just fabulous.

Morgan won Reserve Grand Champion in Senior Showmanship with Grace and was ecstatic! Taylor won Reserve Grand Champion in Jr. Showmanship with Lee and her best friend Kaitlyn won Grand Champ Jr. Showmanship. Tayt was so happy that they will have matching buckles since she won the buckle last year for Jr. Showman! Morgan’s friend Abi won most of the speed events, and we always enjoy watching her and her horse work as a team.  The girls had such a fun day together, and placed well in everything they entered- and right there together in most events. I was so proud of them, and of Grace and Morgan!! What fun.

So the goat show was yesterday and we were all very grateful when Morgan’s goat made weight at 71 pounds, and then went on to win first in her class of about 15 goats!! The look on Morgan’s face was priceless!

Taylor won 6th in her class of goats which was also a great accomplishment considering the competition and the large class. The fact she even placed at all in the class was amazing and I was so proud of them both for doing so well the very first year they have shown goats!

Tayt showed her rabbit this morning and received sixth in her class- again, was a pretty large class and the rabbit competition in pretty stiff so I was thankful she placed.

Tomorrow we show the heifer, which I don’t expect will place because she’s quite a bit smaller than the others being a bottle baby and a pet. But it will be worth the experience.

On top of the show we have worked in the 4-H concession stand last night from 5-11, and will spend the evening serving steak dinner for 4-H among other events this week.

I’m exhausted, and trying to get a review post up before the deadline tomorrow so I can nap (hopefully!) then head back out to the fairgrounds to take care of the critters and see some of the home-ec projects and merchants.

Will post pics as soon as I have a chance~~!!


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