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Aletheia Writing Magazine

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My teen and almost-teen girls are really into writing. They both have an intense love of reading, as well as writing stories and illustrating.  When I heard about this creative writing magazine, I was excited to see what they thought of it!

This Christian creative writing magazine is geared towards teens 13-19 years old.

From the website:

~We are excited to offer Christian teens a healthy platform in which to express themselves,especially in a culture that so
definitively shapes and saturates their worldview with unhealthy imagery and values.~

The 40 page color issue, full of unique and original literary and artistic works, is published quarterly (4x per year) for just $26.00.

We received the Fall 2011 issue of this beautiful quality magazine, as well as a peek at a back issue online. You can view a sample as well here!


Gunn Ranch Academy Thoughts:

Upon thumbing through this magazine when it arrived, I immediately noticed the bold colorful artwork and photographs, as well as the ages of the contributors (all teenagers). The thick, glossy pages are well organized  and inviting.  I also noticed the diverse content includes much more than just stories. In addition to stories and poems, the Fall 2011 issue included an interview and look at an accomplished illustrator/artist (Joe Goode), some beautiful photography (by teen photographers of course!), a book review, a page of ancient quotations, and a page about the featured contributor, a 15 year old from Canada, among other things. There were only a few advertisements which were for the magazine itself, the associated blog, or related writing or design colleges and/or educational resources.

I handed this off to my 14 year old for her opinion. She read through it very quickly (this is the child that read the entire Lord of the Rings in a few days). She said the quality of writing by the teen contributors was amazing. She was inspired by the imaginations, and the level of talent in the writing as well as the photographs and artistry. She really liked that most of the content was more along the lines of modern day subjects that a teen would be interested in, although she said some was a bit depressing- albeit happy endings.

I then read through the magazine myself, and as an adult felt a bit saddened by some of the “depressing”, stereotypical “teen” content. But then I thought how wonderful the opportunity for teens to feel able and have a safe place to openly express themselves. I asked my daughter what she thought of some of the situational content- and she was not a bit bothered by it. She did mention it might bother some younger kids, or they just might not “get it” in some of the situations, but all of the content she felt was typical teenage feelings, and all had “happy” endings.

The magazine does have a disclaimer in the front cover stating: “Because contributors ages vary, the maturity level of situational content may likewise vary.”

Again, for my daughter the magazine was fine. The only part she didn’t like was that there wasn’t more to it!!

For me, I was blown away by the level of talent exhibited by some of these teen contributors. I absolutely appreciated the inspiration and impact that seeing this level of teenage creativity has had on my girls.  The stars really are the limit- the sky their canvas!!

Check out what my maties over at the Crew Blog thought of Aletheia Writing Magazine!!


Click the magazine to begin adding inspiration to your teen’s creative writing journey!




~We received a free hardcopy issue of Aletheia Writing Magazine as well as a download of a back issue as mates on the TOS Crew for review purposes. No other compensation was received , and what you read here is our honest, unbiased opinion.




One thought on “Aletheia Writing Magazine

  1. I also have a 14 year old daughter, but I read this magazine first and found it very depressing as well.

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