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Time 4 Learning



Time 4 Learning

Our family was introduced to Time 4 Learning a few years back. The older girls enjoyed it, but since they have so much school work to do already it wasn’t something they desired to continue, as it didn’t fit the needs of our family at that time. But then we reviewed the Preschool program the next year, when they were just adding it, and Levi absolutely loved it. It’s such an awesome program for littles!

When the chance came up to review Time 4 Learning again, I wondered just how it would fit into Levi’s Kindergarten year. One of my biggest goals is to give him a love for learning. He is no newbie at the computer.  He loves to play entertainment games and most have some disguised educational value. He is just now getting to the point that he doesn’t need someone to sit with him all the time, as long as there’s not a lot of reading involved. But he does get bored pretty quick when it comes to learning activities. He has a pretty typical kindergarten-boy attention span, dependent on the subject at hand. Trucks, guns, dirt, frogs, four-wheelers, riding horses and explosives can keep his attention for hours, while ABC’s, sitting down,  listening, counting blocks, sitting down, listening, worksheets, sitting down, writing letters and numbers- not so much.

I will admit he was a bit skeptical at first when I asked him to give Time 4 Learning a try.  (This isn’t the first computer program he’s been the test subject for!)

*I* loved the lesson on learning the parts of a book, because it corresponds perfectly with the classic book studies we are currently engaged in (or *trying* to engage in). He did get pretty bored as the activity asked him to do the same thing over and over. The repetition is a bit too much for him in most of the activities. I suspect as the activities get harder that it might not turn him off so much, maybe? He definitely likes to move on and not do the same thing over and over, though.

He did fall prey to the adorable characters and voices, and the ease of use. The directions are very easy and the learning activities really simple to follow along with. He LOVED the science lessons, and the activities in that section, but again, just not the repetition.

I would really like to continue this program for him as a wonderful supplement to his Kindergarten year. Financially, however, our family can’t commit at this time. For those lucky families that have a little extra cash in the bank, I can see this program as a valuable and fun resource for putting a love of learning in their early years. The information and subject material is certainly age appropriate and labeled as “correlating to state standards” if that is of concern to those looking for a program to use. And, if your state requires records, lesson plans, etc., there is plenty of help in that regard.

The parent area is packed full of ways to track progress, attendance, and even individual skills learned. There is a parent forum, and lots of homeschooling helps and support. This program could be used as enrichment, special needs, after-school tutoring, or as a supplement to homeschool.

They have levels Pre-K through 8th grade.


How much is a Time4Learning membership?

The monthly membership is $19.95 for the first child and $14.95 for each additional child, with nothing else to buy. Your billing cycle begins on the day of registration and members are billed every 30 days, until you contact us to cancel. When an account is cancelled, members will have access to the program until the end of their billing cycle.

There is a 14 day money-back guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose by trying it out!


What does a membership include?

Time4Learning includes the following:

  • Online curriculum for grades Pre-K through 8th
  • More than 1,000 interactive animated lessons
  • Self paced lessons that kids will enjoy working on
  • Math & algebra tutorials & printable worksheets
  • Language arts, phonics & grammar lessons
  • Interactive, project-based reading activities
  • Science (grades 1st – 6th) & social studies (grades 2nd – 7th)
  • Detailed reporting for easy record keeping
  • Extensive lesson plans & teaching tools for parents
  • and much more…

Time4Learning is web based, so there is no software to download, no CDs and nothing additional to purchase. Members can access the program 24/7 from anywhere with a computer and an internet connection.

*Just to note Time 4 Learning doesn’t work on one of our computers. I’m sure I could have changed some settings or added or blocked or deleted something to make it work, but I’m not one to go messing around with the computers because we depend too much on them, so I just tried it on the other computer and it works fine.  Both computers meet all of the requirements suggested for the program, so not sure what the problem was.  Just sayin, you might have to get ahold of techinical support if it doesn’t work on yours.

Check out what my Crew Mates had to say over at the TOS Crew Blog!




* We were given a 30 free membership for review purposes as members of the TOS Homeschool Crew. No other compensation was received and opinions are my own.






2 thoughts on “Time 4 Learning

  1. I loved reading your review of time4learning. We have been using this program for four years now and we love it. My son still has issues with a short attention span. I always say he has the attention span of a gnat. The sort activities are great for this.


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