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Wise Alec-Civilize This! by Griddly Games



Do you like games that get YOU going?

If so, then you should go check out Griddly Games wide variety of board games, strategy games, trivia games…they have something for everyone!

Best of all, though, their games are fun, and many are educational, like the ones that our TOS Crew had the pleasure to review.

Both Nature Nuts and Civilize This are travel games which can be played by themselves or as expansion sets for the original Wise Alec Trivia Travel game.


For review, our family received Wise Alec Civilize This! This cultural trivia game is for 2-6 players ages 8+ .

When we first received the game, I noticed right away from the cover of the box that this game was chosen a winner of Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Children’s Products!

Next thing I noticed was that the long, heavy-duty, compact box has a magnetic flap which keeps the contents safe and secure. Great quality to this game!


I was impressed to find the easy-to-understand instructions printed right on the inside flap of the box for easy access, never to be MIA as a heated game of trivia and activity challenges are getting us going.





I found 300 questions with two different levels of questions (3 point and 7 point questions) to allow my  “young scholars and history buffs” to play together.

Included in this set are:

*50 Ancient Cultures Cards

*50 Medieval Cultures Cards

*50 Modern Cultures Cards

*50 Wise Alec Cards ( these are really cool- they include exercises, tongue twisters, brainteasers, win or lose points, special bonuses, and other wacky things!!)

*1 custom die ( it has colors on each face for which subject you get to answer)

The Griddly Games website has a Where to Buy page of store listings which lists both online and local retailers. Since these expansion sets are fairly new, I only found a couple of places that had them, one being where the game retails for around $15.00 (price may vary according to retailer). Click the logo below to go to the Griddly Games website and check out a video and more info on the Wise Alec Trivia Games and expansion sets:




Thoughts from Gunn Ranch Academy:

We all agree that this game is a blast and would recommend it to anyone who likes trivia games with a touch of silly activities thrown in.  It’s definitely geared for older elementary to high school age and above, however, as our five year old couldn’t answer many of the questions. He did enjoy participating in doing his best Tarzan yell, humming a Mexican Mariachi tune, doing his best soldier march, and standing on his tip-toes with the empty game box on his head for 15 seconds, however!

I would go so far as to say this is a FABULOUS addition to any history studies!! The questions are challenging, yet thorough- with just the right mix of cultural facts, customs, geography, and more. My girls really enjoyed showing me up on their history trivia- and we also found many areas we need to review, expand on, or dive into.

**Highly recommended!**

Fun enough that I’ve been asked if we can get the Wise Alec Trivia game, and I plan to also get the Nature Nuts expansion set (so I’ll have a chance against my academy scholars, LOL!)

Check out the fun my Crew Mates and their families are having with these games over at the TOS Crew Blog!



*I received this game for review purposes as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.




3 thoughts on “Wise Alec-Civilize This! by Griddly Games

  1. It sounds like you had fun playing this. My son is transitioning into actually playing some harder games with us, but sometimes his silliness is just part of the fun.

  2. This sounds like another good game. We really enjoyed the Nature Nuts, so we may need to invest in the game as well. Christmas maybe?

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