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Thriving At College

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My review of Thriving at College by Alex Chediak is way overdue, as I got this book last spring before school was out. I’ve had a terrible time getting through this book, not because it’s a bad book, but because it is so chalk-full of fabulous information that I kept getting hung up reading and re-reading so much of it to be sure and take in as much as I could while making notes to use it as a tool to share with my children as they prepare for college.

As I began reading this book, I realized right away that I would be using it as a learning resource for college prep.  After 9 years in college, I could certainly relate to and fully understand most if not all of the situations, challenges, incidents, feelings, relationships, study tips, schedule hints, and lifestyle/faith survival skills. That’s probably another reason why it was such a slow read for me.

But how to pass these sometimes hard-learned tips onto my own kids? Well, here is the answer. This is a well-written and personalized guide to living , surviving and thriving during the best years of your life (so far), keeping the faith, developing meaningful relationships, choosing the right major and how to study for it. This book is a complete guide on how a christian student can be successful in college.

This book is full of scriptural reference, questions from real college students in real situations with down to earth answers from experience by the author, interesting “factoids” interspersed throughout the chapters, and discussion starters a the end of the chapters.

It’s divided into 4 parts, with the chapters being “Common Mistakes” listed.

Here’s what the table of contents looks like:

~Part 1: College Matters

*Common Mistake #1: Chucking Your Faith

*Common Mistake #2: Treating College as if it Were High School

~Part 2: Relationships Matter

*Common Mistake #3: Not Being Intentional

* Common Mistake #4: Distorting Dating and Romance

*Common Mistake #5: Refusing to Grow Up

~Part 3: Character Matters

*Common Mistake #6: Being a Flake

*Common Mistake #7: LIving out of Balance

~Part 4: Academics Matter

*Common Mistake #8: Being Too Passive of Too Cocky

*Common Mistake #9: Living for Grades

*Common Mistake #10: Wasting Opportunities

Appendix 1 has a great rundown of the college selection process, and Appendix 2 discusses “Do You own your Christian Faith?”.


While this book came onto the market last spring (April 2011) at the perfect time to give new graduates, I believe it would certainly be well received as those new college students begin their semesters, as well as for high schoolers (especially homeschoolers!) preparing for college at any time.

I will most definitely being buying multiple copies of the book to give as a valuable gift to graduates, high school students and new college students for years to come.

*****Highly Recommended!


* I was sent a free copy of this book in exchange for a review by Tyndale Media as a part of their blogging program. No other compensation was received, and opinions expressed in this blog post are my own.


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