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Paperback Swap


I finally got the time to figure out something I’d been wanting to for a long time.

I’ve known about paperback swap for a really long time, but it wasn’t until this January that I made it to the site to sign up. But then I just didn’t have the time to return to figure out posting the books or look around.

With the upcoming schoolyear, however, I have some books we really need to obtain as well as get rid of. I’ve listed some on used curriculum websites, but lots of books get looked over if they aren’t the most current “hot” curriculum.

As I suspected, it wasn’t rocket science. It was super easy to list my books, and before I was even finished listing all 41 I had in the pile I made on my table, several had been requested.  Upon confirmation that I could send the books, I printed “wrappers” on my printer, grabbed my package tape and taped up seven books to mail. A couple of my books were larger and fairly heavy- one in particular I had bought at a homeschool convention and never used. I am just THRILLED that another family will have an opportunity to use this beautiful book! Two of the book were large enough I used old bubble wrap mailers and taped the computer generated label on them.  A couple were small enough that I could just use the two sheets of paper I printed with the address and info on it. For the rest I dug out my roll of butcher paper and wrapped the books like a present then taped the paper label on.

Really cool!! I mailed seven books off this morning and said a little prayer for the folks who will be excited to see them in their own mailboxes!!

I haven’t requested any books yet. With the first ten books listed, a new member gets two credits. I will be receiving seven more credits once my books are marked as received on the website.

I hope to find some real treasures this year on Paperback Swap. If nothing else I’m sure it will help me support my daughters reading habit- and maybe help me save a little money running to the bookstore every couple of weeks!!

What about you? You wanna join- or are you already a member? I haven’t added any friends over there yet, so if you want to friend me, help me figure out how. 🙂


Happy swapping!



4 thoughts on “Paperback Swap

  1. Oh, I just love Paperback Swap! Back when I signed up you got 3 credits for listing your first 10 books though. That’s sad they lowered that. Still, it’s a great site. I just mailed a book this week. I have about 4 saved credits. I tend to save them and use them for those hard to find books. I also have ones that I want on my wish list and it notifies me right away when it’s listed. I have gotten several books that way! We live in a small town that doesn’t have a used book store so for us, it’s a great way for us to trade. Enjoy!


  2. So glad you got into PBS. I love it. We’ve gotten some great stuff from PBS and I just love FREE.

    Praising Him,

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