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Where has June Gone??


I apologize for not having posted anything since the end of May! It was just such a CRAZY month with just about every day on my calendar full. And now almost to the end of June TOO?

So here’s a recap of the past month and a half that has just flown by~~~

We worked fast and furiously to finish up our school year before my Mom and niece Lily came for a two and a half week visit. I had been focusing upon High School credits and collecting next year’s curriculum early on, so that stressor was pretty much under control. I decided to take a break from it all and make next year’s schedules mid-summer, so that post will be coming up next month. (If you’re working on or plan to be working on next year’s schedules, you really should check out Old Schoolhouse’s Planners. My favorite are the elementary, middle school and high school planners- I’m really excited to plan our year using them- especially since I will have one starting high school, one starting junior high and one starting Kindergarten!!)

 Upon Mom and Lily’s arrival the second week in May, we spent some awesome days together. We missed Grandpa, but he needed to stay home and take care of the homestead, so we just gave him play-by-play updates over the phone. Thank heavens for cell phones!!

We were really excited when we realized our May, Cross Trails Cowboy Church Playday would be while Grandma was here!!


Some days were spent  at the ranch (cleaning out old clothes and toys for consignment and organizing some spaces), a few shopping (finally got my Nook- thanks Mom!), and some at the beach among other places. 

 We even ventured to take the horses to the beach!! What an adventure it was:

Look at Grandma petting Cash with his braids!

Taylor and Lily showing Leon and Cash the ocean.

Morgan and Lily practicing their beach rescue techniques 🙂

Tayt taking Cash for a run and Morgan taking Lee for a run!


 I’m so thankful for the opportunity to spend time with my mom. She’s such a blessing and I miss her so much that we really cherish the times she comes to visit. It’s not been possible to afford the time or finances to drive or fly the family to Nashville for a visit though I’d love to, so I’m ever so thankful Mom and Lily can come see us. We love our ranch but sure do miss our Tennessee friends and family! Can’t wait until Fall when they will return for our annual Vet Continuing Education at Port Royal hotel!

A few days after Mom and Lily boarded the plane for home, the kids and I left for CTCC youth camp at the Bayhouse.  Morgan has gone the past two years, but this ws Taylor’s first year, and I was blessed with the opportunity to be a Crew leader this year. The camp is for Jr High and High school ages, but Levi came along and got to be a part of a group of three littles who had parent leaders at the camp.  I can’t even begin to tell you the awesomeness of the time spent at Bayhouse. I will have to make another post to do it justice and show some of the fabulous pictures we have! Bayhouse was definitely one of the extreme highlights of our 2011 summer!

Lifting hands while Joel lead them in an awesome praise song he wrote called “I Believe”:

We arrived home on Wednesday from Bayhouse, nonethless exhausted, and off for a full day of work Thursday for me. Morgan had stayed behind for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as part of Youth Council to spend an extra day with Joel Goddard, our guest teacher who is an amazing Praise and Worship Pastor from Georgia and an unbelievable song writer/singer. Thursday evening after I got off work and picked up Morgan we had to kick it back into high gear to get everything gathered for our 4-H District 12 Horse Show. This was the first time we had attended a big show, and Grace’s very first time in the ring!

4am came way too early, but we were excited for the day. After loading horses in the dark, off we went to Robstown. It was another amazing experience to add to the summer fun! Again, I’ll have to make a seperate post for the Horse show due to some great photos and some spectacular experiences! Grace was absolutely amazing for her first show and both girls just did a fabulous job!

Morgan and Grace- LOVE this picture!

Morgan showing Grace:

Tayt showing Leon:

A few days ago in the midst of continuing our summer busy-ness, I received an emial alerting me that our TOS Homeschool Crew would be getting ready to sail again for a new year soon. It was always in the back of my mind, but I had enjoyed taking a break from the computer with the exception of keeping up with my mateys new and old on Facebook. So that’s when I realized the month of May had me scattered enough to fail to return a very special invitation to be included as a Deck Hand for the upcoming cruise. Bummers!! Double Bummers!!  I had to completely re-register as a “newbie” on the forum, losing my “hero” status that had been achieved over the past 3 years. I began thinking it was probably best to let others have the opportunity to help, but did send an email letting one of our fearless leaders know that if she needed my experience or help to let me know. It was then I was invited to join the Deck Hands and help out on a team who will be the “Head and Shoulders” of the Crew- writing informational posts if someone “flakes out” for one reason or another and we need to meet our promised number of posts. I feel so blessed to be a part of such a fabulous group of people, and even though blogging and computer work takes time, it’s truly a joy to have the support and friendship of my Crew mates- both new and retired.  Our homeschooling experience would not be what it is today without the TOS Homeschool Crew for a plethora of reasons,  but mostly because of the love and support of my mateys. Love y’all!

Alas, before June is gone I must spend a day gathering 4-H validation dates, phone numbers and aquiring the show animals we plan to show at the JWC fair in October. This will be the first year for showing besides Horses. We have Chocolate Mooseekins our baby heifer calf, but are planning to show rabbits and a goat as well. We’ll see if we can get that coordinated for this year.


June has also brought a new addition to our family, whom we are still deciding on a name for. This is our new Great Pyrenees Pupplygirl who was born on Friday the 13th in May:

Cheers to a great Summer 2011!

It’s been a busy and exhausting summer so far!


4 thoughts on “Where has June Gone??

  1. Oh wow, riding horses on the beach would be so awesome! I loved church camp. How wonderful that your children are getting the chance to experience it, too. I’m stopping by from the TOS crew intro thread. Looking forward to getting to know you this year!

  2. I’m a fellow crew mate stopping by to say hi 🙂 Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing!
    I’m now following you.
    ~ Nanette

  3. Wow – how busy! Love horses, but have never ridden on the beach. Sounds like fun!

    Visiting and following from the Crew…


  4. Isn’t it crazy how fast time goes??? Looks like you had a lot of fun! Fellow Crew mate and new follower! 🙂

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