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Yesterday’s Classics Amazing 225 eBook Collection


I absolutely love that my kids read me out of house and home.  Our house is full of books, books and more books, with no place to put many of them.  As homeschoolers, we have books of all types, varieties and flavors, especially since most of our studies are built around living books.

I was first introduced to Yesterday’s Classics doing a search for out-of-print literature used in our history curriculum. As I searched through the many titles available, I was absolutely amazed by the variety of reprinted titles this company had worked to reprint. The few paperbacks we own by this company are beautiful reproductions of the original works, with black and white illustrations included. They are easy to read, clean, attractive copies that make our reading pleasurable.




When we were offered the opportunity to reviewYesterday’s Classics eBook Package of 225 Titles, I was overwhelmed with joy! I immediately clicked over to the website to view the variety of titles and I had a pleasurably difficult time just wrapping my brain around the huge amount of quality literature offered in this package. I was thrilled with the opportunity to have the titles in EPUB format to be able to load onto my iTouch as desired. Our Crew was given the opportunity to download EPUB, Kindle or both formats. While I’ve wanted a Kindle for quite some time, since I already have my iTouch that requires EPUB format I decided I would change the Kindle on my wishlist to a Nook. I have since learned there are a wide variety of ereader devices out there, as well as a wide variety of ereader software applications to use with the devices as well as your PC, netbook, or tablet. 

There are a few extra files aside from the actual books included with the package, one being a  “Guide to eReader Devices and Software”. This file includes an extensive table which compares and contrasts ereader devices, and also a separate one that compares and contrasts the many software applications available for reading the files on your computer. I was somewhat confused about eReader devices as well as the different file types and software apps before I read the file, but it does a wonderful job of clearing up any confusion and explaining it all.  Two such free apps (one for Kindle files and one for EPUB files) are included on the Instructions for Viewing Sample files on your Computer page on the website, but there are many more apps. One of these apps must be downloaded to your computer prior to viewing the free eBook sample file, The Dutch Twins by Lucy Fitch Perkins on the website. Don’t worry- if you download the app from the website to read your eBook, you can still change your mind in the future and download a different app to view your books if you decide you want to after reading through the file on apps. I decided to download Calibre on my computer and I think it’s just an excellent, organized, easy-on-the eyes app for reading my eBooks.

So exactly what do you get with the Yesterday’s Classics 225 eBook Package?

Well, you get immediate access to download 225 titles in either EPUB or Kindle format to your computer. You then have unlimited ability to load the books onto as many devices or computers as you wish (there are no Digital Rights Management Restrictions!!). You can even load the files onto a thumb drive to take with you anywhere! You can even print as many copies of the files as you wish.

I really love that illustrations are included in color if they were in the original versions. While you might find free access to many of these same books on the web, most don’t include illustrations, especially in color, and many are poor reproductions and can be frustrating to read through.

Another thing the free versions out there usually don’t include is a table of contents.  It’s so much easier to and nicer to have a table of contents to refer to, but vital to have when using the books for schoolwork assignments.

There are a whopping 22 genres included (a few of the titles are included in more than one genre), just look, something for absolutely everyone:

~World History (9)

~Children of the World (6)

~Nature (27)

~Ancient Greece (29)

~Fable (5)

~Ancient Rome (18)

~Kindergarten (14)

~Fairy Tales (12)

~Britain (9)

~Shakespeare (2)

~Faith (10)

~Early Civilizations (5)

~Poetry (5)

~Middle Ages (17)

~Legends (14)

~Renaissance and Exploration (9)

~Science (7)

~Readers (4)

~Amercian History (18)

~Christmas Stories (6)

~Literature (5)

~Biography (10)

Other files included with the package besides the eReader and Software guide include a list of all books arranged by level, genre, author and title. a list of all books along with descriptions and thumbnails, and a guide to downloading files and transferring them to eReaders.

You will also find a fabulous customer support, email support, and unbelievably a 100% Risk free money-back guarantee. Wow.

The cost? Until May 31st, 2011 you can get this little jewel for $99.95!  (Then the price goes back to $149.95)

Now if you currently have an eReader you buy books for, or you spend your time perusing used book sites for the best deals on quality literature for your homeschool or personal use, then you already know what a deal this is.  If you haven’t routinely shelled out a a pretty penny on a bundle of books, then let me just add here that the paperback editions of all the books included here would total $2495.75.  (I spent $37.85  for the three titles I purchased in paperback form pictured above! ) The EPUB or Kindle files of these same books if purchased separately would total $648.80.

The titles can also be purchased individually in eBook format ranging from $1.99 to $6.99 per file.

So how do we like the eBooks at Gunn Ranch Academy?

Well, again, my children read me out of house and home, so this amazing collection of books has expanded our library to include titles for our studies that I might not have found or been able to afford to use before. I have had to be very choosy in my purchase of books to use for our history studies due to limited finances, and sometimes the books we use we only need a portion of, rather than the whole book, which makes it unfeasible to purchase. While our library has a few of the titles we need, it’s really hard with our busy schedule to continually borrow and return, or worse yet use an inter-library loan to find books then need to pick them up when they arrive and be limited to a two week borrow schedule. Many of the books we use for our history curriculum are used throughout the study as well, making a two week borrow period obsolete.  Just so many more reasons I could list why we started trying to buy as many of the books as possible for our history.  Last summer I spent hours researching the books we would be needing for our history program, comparing prices, then narrowing down my choices to make it affordable. I put in a couple of big orders to online books sellers, then packed a container with the books, the history guide, and a schedule for my oldest student to follow. It has been the most amazing year for history she has ever had, and I’m just astounded by the information she has learned and retained from her study of classic and great literature.  This collection of 225 Yesterday’s Classics books is really an answer to prayer as I am searching out resources to continue our history studies using living books next year!  While there’s nothing like the feel, the smell, the comfort of a yummy book in your hands, reading from an eReader device does have its advantages such as shelf space (or floor space- and the books don’t get piled so high they begin to sway and then fall over :), they don’t collect dust when not in use, and you can throw the whole collection in your backpack to transport anywhere you go- to whip out and read while waiting in a long line, flying on a plane, or easily flip through your books while sunning yourself at the beach!

Not only is the collection great for history studies, though, it contains many books perfect to introduce my littlest student, who will be officially starting Kindergarten next year, to classic, timeless literature. There are also many selections that fit my ten year old nature lover’s interest as well.

What a jewel this will be in our treasure box of teaching materials!!

THANK YOU YESTERDAY’S CLASSICS for helping me to bring classic, quality literature to my children!

If you are interested in seeing all the books you get with this offer, or are itching to get your hands on this sweet deal, click here!

If you’d like to see what my Crew Mates had to say about Yesterday’s Classics, visit the Crew Blog.

In closing, I just have to say that the reading of great, timeless, classic literature just opens up a whole world of imagination not obtainable through video games or movies.

From babies sitting on your lap listening, to littles snuggled on the couch anxiously anticipating the ending, to teens hiding out in their rooms forging through a pile stacked high on their floors (or reading a lightweight eReader packed with a seemingly endless amount of titles!), to grandfather sitting in a rocking chair- nothing will EVER be able to replace great literature, or the reading of it.



HSCrew468x60Animated.gif picture by homeschoolcrew

I received Yesterday’s Classics 225 eBook package as a member to the TOS Crew for review purposes. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.



2 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Classics Amazing 225 eBook Collection

  1. This is probably my favorite review item of the year 🙂 I’d purchased a few YC books in print and loved them. I was so super excited to get this for review at our house, too 🙂

    Isn’t it really great to be able to take hundreds of books with you when you go somewhere? No need for that bag! at least for the books 😉

  2. Thanks for the review! I am trying to decide if I should buy a Kindle or a Nook!

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