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Our Adventures at College Station

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Our last horse judging competition for the season was the multi-district competition at College Station, Saturday April 9th. We decided we would ride along with coach Jennifer, and left on Thursday night so we could get some extra college-town touring in. Levi stayed with Daddy for a guys weekend of fishing. 🙂

I really wanted to take my girls on a tour of the A & M Vet school, and since most of our horse judging team are also in the vet science program, I thought it would be great if they all got to take a tour. When I called the school they were very nice and set us up a tour for Friday afternoon. Truth be told, I was probably more excited than they were :).

We got a bit of a late start because we got in so late Thursday night, but after breakfast we got ready to hit the town.

After hitting the mall to shop for Texas A & M swag

 and driving around the town a bit, we watched a movie with Jen and Logan at the hotel waiting on the others to get there.

After everyone arrived, off we went for our tour of the Vet School. Parking is always a racket on University campuses, but our tour guide had told us about a pay parking lot across from the college where we parked and walked through an underground tunnel to the school lobby. Cool 🙂

This cool quilt was hanging over the entrance to the lobby:

After introducing herself, our tour guide Elizabeth began showing us through the college and giving us information on the history of the college, student life, and how it all works. Here we are in the “fish bowl”  commons area near the lobby.

The next day, which was the day we would be horse judging, was the Vet School’s open house, so they had lots of displays out, and were finishing setting up for the crowd-to-be. On our tour through the classrooms and study areas, we particularly enjoyed seeing the bone room and the skeletons. While we didn’t get to go in and walk around them, it gave the kids a taste for the cool things they get to study in vet school. ( I really had a hard time containing myself not going into the anatomy lab!! I LOVED anatomy as a student and this made me want to go back to school!!)

I thought the Purina food kitchen was pretty cool! Two walls of bins of different foods!

After a tour through the classroom area and small animal clinic, we were led into the large animal clinic. It was just really amazing. Huge, Taj-Mahal like. Not very busy, I must say, but the facilities are really awesome. Morgan decided right then and there she was moving in. LOL. Made me want to go back to school even more! 🙂

Padded horse surgery-recovery stall:

The horse stalls!

They brought some cool characters in for the open house!

It was cool to see a fistulated cow I had told the girls about a few times!

After our fabulous tour of the Vet school, we went to Aggieland (I think that’s what they call it)

 and ate at the Dixie Chicken where the kids played a little pool,

and took a stroll down bottle cap alley. Fun fun!

After returning to the hotel for a swim, the kids were ready for bed.

Morning came early, but they were ready to go on time.

Our team ready to judge:

After a successful day of judging, the kids chilled a bit before heading home.

Our teams did a fantastic job, and finished out a successful and fun judging season.

 Morgan and Tayt finished with the top two scores from our county and all-in-all felt pretty good about the whole experience!

Left to right:

Shelby, Iliana, Taylor, Sheri, Brooke, Morgan, Anna, Big Logan, Little Logan, Joey

Great Job JWC Horse Judging Team!


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