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The Truth About Dating, Love, and Just Being Friends

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When I saw this title available for review from Thomas Nelson I was thrilled to request a copy.  After reading the description and knowing the humerous, down-to-earth style used by Chad Eastham in his books written to and for the modern-day teen-ager, I was anxious to pass this along to my 14 year-old for a glowing review.

When I received this book, I quickly flipped through the chapters, then read the first two to get a feel for the flow. Looked to be an easy read, with the expected “cool” language used by today’s Milleys. Oh, by the way, I learned that my children fit into the Millennial Generation, or “Milley’s”, a mixed bag of young people born from about 1980 until just after 2000.  And I, being born in the generation between 1965 and 1979, fit into “Generation X”. He goes on to describe several generations before, along with the characteristics that steriotype each generation in order to bring to the table the individuality of each generation.

  So back to the Milley’s, who are, by the way, very expressive, liberal,  open to new ideas and change, confident and upbeat, and the list goes on to describe the many ways and things our teens are faced with that are not-so-much what we faced as teens ourselves. While the basic rules of girls vs. boys, infatuation,  puppy love jitters, and “just being friends” remain pretty much the same, relating to our teens on their new-found-generational territory can be a bit difficult.

 “You just don’t understand the way things are now,” and “everything has changed since you were a teen'” don’t have to be a part of your relationship with your teens with resources like these available.  I was thinking I had found a gold mine of information for sharing with my own teen.

So I passed this on to her, and well, she reluctantly read through the first chapter and deemed it very boring and “not interested.”

As she devours whole book series in a matter of days, I thought with a bit of prompting she might humor me and read through the rest and change her mind.

But alas, I couldn’t get her to help me out, as this just is not an interesting topic for her at this point.

She isn’t dating, and won’t be for quite some time, and while she has certainly experienced a crush or two up to this point, she has other interests at heart for now. (Thankfully) 🙂

So I won’t push her further to help me out with my review obligation, I will keep the book on the shelf  for a time when she decides, that Mr. Chad’s wit and wisdom could help her out a bit.

 Having enjoyed the book myself, I do feel I’ve gained a bit more understanding of my “Milley’s” to pair with my own wit and wisdom when the time comes to help them through this part of their teenage journey.

Highly recommended by myself, not so recommended by my 14 year old who doesn’t really care about love or dating just yet.

You can pick up a copy and check out some pages at one of my favorite bookstores on the web if ya want to. 🙂

*Thank you Book Sneeze for sending me a free copy of this book to review. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.



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