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Go Go Kabongo

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I’m sitting at the computer, writing this review with my five year old sitting on my shoulders. He’s climbing all over me, asking questions, because he saw me log on to his new favorite learning-to-read website for 4-7 year olds.

“Are you logging on to play?”

“Want me to show you my favorite?”

“Want me to help you?”

“Want me to show you how to do it?”

“When you gonna be done so I can play?”

From the sounds of these questions, can you tell he loves Go Go Kabongo?  

 Back when we first created an account at Go Go Kabongo, I actually posted a preview of this website as well as posting a link on my Facebook page because I was just so excited about it.  The first habitat which is called Laughter Lake, can be played for FREE after creating an account requiring only an email and password, then adding your child! (Other information is optional.)

The second habitat, Galaxy Gardens, can also be accessed for FREE for a limited time while the website is in the Beta testing phase.  Hurry and register, because it will cost a one time fee of $4.95 in the future.

The third habitat, Twister Top, costs an additional one time fee of $4.95 to access.

When we first visited Go Go Kabongo, I remember thinking how adorable the characters were, and how very fun the three different habitats to play on looked as they popped up on the main page. I could barely get my information entered for my five year old Levi crawling all over me, eager to get started.

I noticed right away that he could navigate most of the website by himself, without much help from myself or his sisters. This was a nice change from other online gaming websites he loves to play on, but gets “stuck” quite often needing someone to read instructions or comments to him. Instead, Go Go Kabongo is for pre-readers, and is designed to help them build the cognitive, thinking skills needed to read. It adapts to your child’s level, making it rewarding and encouraging for the child to play, and building confidence along the way. It doesn’t focus on “right” and “wrong” answers, but instead focuses on thinking skills.

Another feature I was truly impressed with is the Parent’s Center. Here you can view your child’s progress report, which shows their skill level achieved for each of the three games per habitat, a snapshot description of the skills they are learning, and the big picture, which names the game played, the level currently achieved, the key skill, and then summarizes the learning taking place by the child.

Levi’s favorite game early on, which is in the Twister Top habitat,  is called Crazy Maze.

He has achieved skill level 6 , and the snapshot of skills tells me that this involves spatial awareness and phonics.

Under the big picture, here is what I see:

Crazy Maze, Level 6

Key Skill: Phonics

Give your child a pat on the back! They successfully completed the highest level, but Crazy Maze is never the same twice. Have them come back for more learning and sticker rewards.

This progress report can be accessed for each of three games within each of the three habitats.

Here’s a chart summarizing the learning skills covered by each game:

The parent can also receive an email summarizing the child’s weekly progress. Very cool!

At the very bottom of the progress report the rewards the child has chosen for completing activities are shown. Levi has chosen mostly new pieces for the skateboard ramp course, I see. 🙂

In addition to the progress report, the Parent Center also has some great articles on Cognitive Development and Reading, as well as additional activities, reading time, and crafts. There are also some really cute printable pages to color, do mazes and dot to dots!

Lastly, you can find a thorough Frequently Asked Questions page, as well as access your account information.

Go Go Kabongo also has a very informative and fun blog !

Levi’s thoughts: 

Well, since I always tell my kids actions speak louder than words, I will reiterate that my five year old is impatiently waiting for me to be done with this review so he can play on Go Go Kabongo. 🙂

But in his own words, Levi thinks this website is “really fun, has a lot of cool games”, but he “doesn’t like some of them”. He’s glad he doesn’t need help from his sisters to play.

Ten year old Taylor says this website is adorable and looks really fun. She has insisted he needs help with some of the games to get a chance to play. 🙂

Mrs. Teezly is her favorite!                          

I really don’t have any cons to this website. In my opinion it’s an amazing value, family friendly, and a great help as well as incredible learning tool for families with preschool and kindergartners needing something to do while while Mom or Dad works with the older kids.

For more family experiences with Go Go Kabongo, visit our TOS Homeschool Crew Blog!

“Ok Levi, I’m finally finished now. You can play on Go Go Kabongo.”



HSCrew468x60Animated.gif picture by homeschoolcrew

We were given access to all three habitats on Go Go Kabongo free of charge for review purposes as members of the TOS Homeschool Crew. No other compensation was received, and opinions are our own.


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