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Classical Academic Press, Latin Alive! 1

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Our family’s journey through Latin began three years ago when we received our very first Latin review product. I had researched classical education some, but had only gotten our feet wet from adding a few classical history resources to our studies. 

Once we were introduced to the Latin language, however, we were hooked. There are more opinions on what, where, why, how and who to teach this beautiful language than any other language I’ve seen.

 I’ve seen it referred to as a “dead” language. 

 I’ve seen it referred to as a critical step in academic success.

 I know my own college studies would have been much easier had I learned Latin myself in school.

I’m not going to debate the reasons to teach or not-to-teach Latin, or a classical education. There are plenty of opinions to be found on that subject. What I am going to do is share our family’s experiences and opinions with this incredible piece of our puzzle.

As the girls have completed a few different programs in Latin as well as covered Ancient Greece and Ancient Roman history, we felt Latin Alive! 1 would be a perfect fit after reading the description. While many Latin language courses include Ancient Roman history and culture, our previous experience with Latin had been of the language itself with our history studies covering Roman history separately. I was really excited to have the opportunity to use a course which included both.

For review we received the Latin Alive! 1 bundle   $139.95 which includes:

*Latin Alive! 1 student text

Latin Alive! Book One

*Latin Alive! 1 Teacher’s Edition

Latin Alive! Book One: Teacher's Edition

*Latin Alive! 1 DVD and CD set

 Latin Alive! 1 DVD & CD Set

This is the first level of a series of three parts designed for Middle to High School ages.

From the website, the main features include:

  • Thirty six weekly chapters including twenty nine new content chapters and seven review, “reading” chapters.
  • Pronunciation Guides
  • Weekly introduction of vocabulary
  • Thorough grammar explanations including all five noun declensions and cases, all verb conjugations, irregular verbs, various pronouns, adjectives and adverbs
  • United States state seals and their Latin mottoes
  • Extensive study of the Latin derivatives of English words
  • Substantial Latin readings and translation exercises
  • Lessons and stories of Roman culture, myths and history
  • Exercises and questions to prepare students for the National Latin Exam and the Advanced Placement Exam
  • Includes historical contributions from Christopher Schlect, historian and Academic Dean at New Saint Andrews College, Moscow, ID
  • Let me also just mention here an awesome resource offered by Classical Academic Press called Headventure Land. I wish I had known about this little treasure when we first started our Latin adventures, as it is an incredible source of encouragement and validation of what the students are learning, and adds a wonderful element of fun to learning foreign languages. Headventure Land is a free website which offers games, readers, videos, and additional teaching ideas for practice.  It’s just so awesome, you’ll have to check it out for yourself to see how cool it is!

    One other resource that I have found to be quite valuable once we began Latin Alive! 1 is a wonderful Yahoo support group where you can find many resources that have been added by members, and the author of Latin Alive!, Karen Moore, available to answer questions and join in on informative discussions. Can’t get much better than direct access to the author! She is also the one teaching the classes on the dvd and is an amazing Latin teacher. 😉

    Gunn Ranch Academy’s Latin Alive 1 Adventures:

    We have felt totally blessed to have been introduced to this fabulous resource. It has exceeded our expectations in a Latin course.

    When I first opened the manuals, I was impressed with the variety of information that was included. Each chapter begins with a  U.S National or state seal, and descriptions of the history, symbolism, and Latin maxim included with it. The teacher’s manual is a copy of the student manual with additional text, descriptions, ideas, and explanations, making the program extremely easy to teach and very user friendly. The format and layout is clean and easy to follow.

    One of the best parts of the program is the dvd and cd set. While the course can certainly be taught without them,  Karen Moore , author and teacher,  covers everything in the text, explaining page by page, making it very easy to follow along. The student can rewind and watch the lessons as much as needed, and the teacher can always go back and watch it  for further clarification if needed.  I just really love the history and culture, artwork, photos, and timeline references that are included in this study. It makes for any absolutely complete and thorough course study, and Karen points out many “extras” from her extensive Latin educational background.

    There are unit tests included with the course (which can also be accessed by joining the Yahoo group), and chapter tests can also be purchased as a download from the website. I went ahead and purchased the chapter tests since we will be using it for high school foreign language credit, and for more practice to prepare to take the National Latin Exam.  There are also many other fun learning resources available on the website.

    My girls have really enjoyed this course, and I already purchased Latin Alive! 2 Bundle to have on hand when we are ready to move on. We will certainly be looking forward to the third level in this series when it comes available. 

    My oldest daughter already plans to take Latin in college, and we feel Classical Academic Press will prepare her well to meet her goals!

    As we continue to pursue our Latin studies, I am pleased to say we’ve found our staple. I highly recommend this curriculum for those interested in learning Latin and Ancient history.

    If you have younger students, Classical Academic Press offers programs for all ages, as well as other languages. 

    The TOS Crew reveiwed three different levels of Latin programs, so check out our blog to find out what my crew mates and their families thought!


    HSCrew468x60Animated.gif picture by homeschoolcrew

    We received these materials as a part of the TOS Homeschool Crew for review purposes. No other compensation was received, and opinions are our own.


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