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Bovine 101: Baby Chocolate Mousse


A few weeks ago, my hubby got a call from a friend needing help. He had a momma cow down who couldn’t get up, that had just given birth a couple days before. The calf was healthy and had gotten that important first colostrum before momma went down, but our friend was now bottle feeding the calf.  We wanted to go help, but our work schedule didn’t allow it until the weekend, and I wasn’t available until much later in the day on Saturday after work and a Bible study group, so my hubby went ahead and loaded up the tractor Sat noonish to go help our friend try to get his momma cow on her feet.

Fortunately, the momma cow was still eating and drinking and doing all of her important business, so she remained strong, just couldn’t stand. Try as they might, though, they couldn’t get her on her feet by hoisting her with the tractor. She just couldn’t stand. I was really sad that I couldn’t go see her or help, but my advice was to continue feeding and watering, and start antibiotics.  I  suspect she was experiencing nerve paralysis, which happens when cows give birth sometimes, and time and nursing  care are the only things you can do in this case many times.  After the failed attempt at getting her on her feet, my hubby called and reported that he would be on his way home. (I didn’t end up going out because we only have one truck that is running aside from his work truck and he took it to haul the trailer and tractor.) He mentioned that “we got ourselves a calf” before hanging up, but I didn’t question any further at the time, as he was leaving his friend’s ranch to come home.

I mentioned to the girls that I believed Daddy talked Mr. Clyde out of his baby calf, and was bringing the calf home, but wasn’t sure of the situation, so don’t get excited. They have grown accustomed to feeding all kinds of orphans, and are never surprised by what Daddy might be bringing home anymore, but we have yet to feed a calf of our own.

So when Daddy pulled up in the truck, the girls ran to meet him, finding the baby calf……..riding in the back seat of my truck. Yep. That’s a story for another time. LOL.

Babies are always precious, delightful, and steal your heart in less than a second.  Chocolate Moussekins was no exception. She appeared healthy, ALWAYS hungry, funny, and full of life! They made a bottle to feed her right away, and spent some bonding time.

Next, she met Hank, Head of Ranch Security.

After her introduction up at the house, we took her to the pasture to meet the horses and get her settled in her new home.

It’s been three weeks today since Chocolate Moussekins joined our family. She loves romping in the pasture, and goes running and bucking around the hay bale every opportunity she gets. This morning, she decided to squeeze through the pasture gate and visit us at the house, so I thought it was time to get some more photos of her. She’s growing like crazy! The kids have all enjoyed having her to play with and care for.


Hank knows he is not suppose to eat the cat food, so when Moussekins found it, he was covering for her 🙂 .

Isn’t she precious?


2 thoughts on “Bovine 101: Baby Chocolate Mousse

  1. Aw, Chris, love the photos and the story. I would show it to my children, but I’m afraid you’d have a few more children begging for your attention soon if I did! They would love to come visit and love on that baby calf! Hopefully someday we’ll arrange a visit. 🙂

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