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Our Horse Judging Team

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Morgan and Taylor have done very well and had a lot of fun this season horse judging with the JWC Horse Judging Team. This is their third season judging (well, the first season they only judged once without much practice sessions), and they are continuing to learn and improve.  Our team ordered some new dvd’s to study and learn from this year, and while we’ve only been through the first few of them, they seem to really help.

Only six of the team made it to the San Antonio Livestock Show in February due to weather and sickness of some of the team mates. We had a team of 3 juniors including Morgan, Taylor and Joey  and a team of 3 seniors including Sheri, Shelby and Iliana. We were all pleasantly surprised when they announced “Jim Wells County” followed by “Morgan Gunn” when announcing the second place Junior Individual. Wow! (I was so surprised, in fact, that I had taken my camera back to the truck already, so I didn’t get any pictures of her running to accept her award and shake hands!)

Here is our team:

Iliana, Joey, Shelby, Sheri, Taylor and Morgan. Aren’t they so cute?

Moving on into March, they continued to prepare for the Houston Livestock show. They all seemed pretty excited to think they may be able to actually place!

We had more team mates to include two Junior teams and one senior team.

The show is one of the largest in the US, with almost 900 kids participating. While we didn’t win any awards, the kids did great. Morgan did place 32, Taylor was 92. One of our seniors, Sheri, placed 127 (out of like 700!). We were kind of bummed out to find that if our top scorers would have been placed on the same team as they had been in the past competitions,  that we would have actually placed and heard our name announced.  This is the last competition where Morgan and Taylor will have the opportunity to be on the same team and win together, but such is life. You live and you learn, you know?

Here is our team along with the two mascots Levi and Hailee:

tall row: left to right Joey, Morgan, Shelby, Sheri and big Logan.

middle row: Iliana, little Logan and Brooke.

short row: Kendall, Taylor and Anna holding Hailee

Levi in the front. Now that’s a great lookin group of kids!

The kids also had a great day when the coach took them ice skating in Houston the Sunday before the competition. They enjoyed swimming and pizza at the hotel the night before. Fun, fun!

We look forward to district competition in College Station in April, though it’s kind of a bummer because the kids only compete against themselves since we are the only team in the district. They only compete for ribbons and medals, instead of tropies, buckels and scholarships.

It’s incredible to think that next year Morgan will be a senior and competing for a $10,000 scholarship (they give them to the top 3 places) in San Antonio and $16,000 scholarship in Houston (they give them to the top 2 places). 

Of course once Levi and Hailee are old enough to join the team , they will already have the inside scoop on judging and be some hot stuff to beat. 🙂

We are thankful for the friendship and good times we have had with our horse judging team. I am thankful to see the excitement and commitment that the girls have shown, and so blessed to be in a place where we can participate!


One thought on “Our Horse Judging Team

  1. That is great! Congrats to your team- that is quite an accomplishment. We see how hard our own Horse Judging team works so you can be very proud of them 🙂

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