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Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary for Kids



LifeWay Christian Stores - Biblical Solutions for Life

Lifeway Christian Stores is a great place to search for Christian learning resources. Besides the many stores scattered throughout the US, they have a website that makes it convenient to search and purchase products.

For review, we received the Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary for Kids.  Retail $14.99


This beautiful hardcover book is an A to Z reference of 750 Bible words designed for children 5 – 10 years of age. Published in 2010, it is based on the popular Holman Bible Dictionary. While most scripture quotations are taken from the Holman Christian Standard Bible, there are entries with King James Version words, making this a “translation neutral” dictionary.

Features (quoted from introductory pages of the book) that make this colorful work of art stand out from any other similar resource include:

*Reconstructions which show how buildings and cities may have actually looked in Bible times. (My children LOVE these!)

*Illustrated Charts with brief descriptions and biblical references provide “at-a glance” views of Bible animals, insects, transportation, plants, and so forth.

*Charts of names of God, names of Jesus, festivals, apostles, plagues, and so forth.

*Entries with King James Version words.

*Pronunciation Guide for those hard-to-say words.

*Photographsto help you understand that events in the Bible happened in real places.

*Realistic Illustrations of Bible stories because the Bible is about real people who actually lived in real places.

*Definitions of people you read about in Bible stories and key bible concepts. 


Some special content features (from the cover of the book):

~Names of God* 12 Apostles* 10 Plagues on Egypt

~Jewish Feasts and Festivals* Jerusalem in the Time of Jesus

~Names of Jesus* Parables of Jesus* Plants of the Bible

~Animals of the Bible* Foods of the Bible

~Musical instruments of the Bible

~Armor of a Roman Soldier

Gunn Ranch Academy thoughts:

We all really enjoyed this beautiful book.  My first impression was that it is a big, colorful, heavy book.  Looks to be made to withstand LOTS of discovery time flipping page by little hands (and big hands!).

There is one page dedicated to the letter of the alphabet being referenced, so this was a great way to reveiw the alphabet with my 4 year old, and help him “see” what a dictionary is all about. As we turned the thick, shiny pages, we found many different Bible words associated with each letter, from names to places,  animals to insects, nouns and verbs defined, and much more.

So after our initial flip-through and see what catches our eye session, we immediately did what any seasoned alphabeteers would do: we wondered what words they came up with for those hard-to-think-of letters like q, and x,y,and z.

It was then we noticed the handy-dandy “tab” border of alphabet letters on the edge of every page with the feature letter standing out in bolder color than the rest, making it really easy to find the “Q” page. We found one page of  “Q” words: Quarrel, Quarry, Queen, Quiver, and Qumran complete with definitions, pronunciations, and brightly colored illustrations.  We learned that Qumran is pronounced KOOM rahn and is an archaeological site near the caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. 🙂

Ok, 5 Q words- pretty impressive, but how about x,y, and z?  When we got to the last few pages, we found a section of x,y, and z words. One page included Xerxes for the X word which my girls had already shouted out as a x word. That’s the only x word referenced. There were two Y words, Yahweh and Yeast.

The girls had also already mentioned that there are many Z names and places in the Bible, so it wasnt’ a surprise to find 12 Z words defined and illustrated on 3.5 pages of the book.

I hope I have given you a bit of a peek into this fabulous resource.  I have thought of so many times in our studies when this book would have been a perfect addition to what we were doing. I can also see us using this book in so many ways in the future; not only with Bible studies, but unit studies, history and geography, art, study of cultures, and simply learning our ABC’s!

I definitely recommend adding this beautiful dictionary to your homeschool and family bookshelves, as well as church reference, and children’s areas. I will also be keeping this in mind as a perfect gift for many different occasions, such as baby showers, birthdays, Christmas, or a new family welcome. It would be great to throw in a backpack to take on a car trip (for those who don’t get carsick reading!), take to the doctor’s office for a long wait, or have in a hotel room for quiet time on vacation. So many possibilities!

See my Crew Mate’s thoughts on this book over at the Crew Blog!



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I received this book as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew for review purposes. No other compensation was received, and thoughts and opinions read here are my own honest ones (ie: we really do think this book is AWESOME.)



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  1. This is a terrificpost and I completelyagree, you have a great blog overall. I will certainlycome back to read more one day.

  2. This is a goodpost and I completelyagree, you have a great blog overall. I will certainlycome back to read more later.

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