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Lioness Arising

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Lioness Arising - Lisa Bevere

Lioness Arising by Lisa Bevere was written as a call to women to “wake up and change your world.”  Woven throughout this encouraging and empowering book is an allegorical reference to the fierce, yet nurturing lioness. She grooms her young with the soft velvety pads of her feet- the same feet that contain the retractable claws which bring down the gazelle she will rip apart with her large strong teeth to feed her pride. These are the same teeth that gently carry her young cubs to safety.

While the author unfolds many desirable ways we can utilize the example of the lioness and apply it to our own lives, she also effectively demonstrates the need to band together with other women to form a collective voice.

She effectively inserts scriptural references into her writing, as well as using quotes, books, and stories from influential leaders and everyday people alike, to support and illustrate her topics. This brings her story close to home at times, and opens our eyes to a world we might not have known existed (or put out of our mind as quickly as we heard about it for fear of involvement in something so ugly.)

My Own Thoughts:

I have always had an innate love and fascination with nature and the way God orchestrates it’s harmony and symbiosis. The thought of using one of God’s most magnificent examples of strength, power and beauty as an example to empower women to step beyond themselves and experience the life God intended for them was enticing. I can’t imagine any female, from the time they are able to understand what a lioness is on even the simplest level, answering “no” to being asked if they would like to be a ‘lioness’.

I was inspired and anxious as Lisa unfolded the vision God brought before her in a vivid dream, of a flawless lioness surrounded by vibrant colors she could hardly explain with earthly description. I was able to relate and feel a strong sense of fierceness when she described nurturing and protection of our young. I was thankful for my own group of ladies as I read about the importance of banding together with other women.

For me this book was not about discovery or instruction. I’m not sure I can say this book would “teach” a woman how to be bold and fierce like a lioness. It certainly makes mention of Jesus Christ as the Bridegroom, the Lion of Judah. But I’m not sure a took away a sense that a strong, determined relationship and walk with Jesus Christ is the first, and most important part of stepping out and becoming a “lioness”.  While this book might encourage and challenge even new Christian women, I believe it would serve women who already have a strong walk with God established.

There were parts of the book where I feel my interpretation and understanding of women’s role in the church, family, and society might differ a bit. While I wouldn’t call her views feminist, some seemed to slant a bit in a feministic direction. This didn’t take away from my overall impression of the book, but is the main reason I feel this book would be better as an encouragement to seasoned Christian women than a directive to new Christians. It would certainly lend itself to great discussions.

I definitely recommend this book to Christian women who enjoy nature and encouraging, inspirational material. Especially great for a women’s group study.

“These people rise up like a lioness; like a majestic lion they stand.” Numbers 23:24.

I received this book from Waterbrook Multnomah’s Blogging for Books program in exchange for an honest review.  No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.


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