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Timberdoodle reviews


Timberdoodle is a wonderful homeschool family owned and operated business that began in 1985. It was one of the first homeschool companies I ran across and was a nice source of encouragement to me as I started our journey. They carry carefully-selected products, and one of the most diverse and wide selections I’ve seen. I absolutely love looking through their free catalog, which you can get a copy of here, or view online.

I was recently offered the opportunity to review a couple of products that they carry, which happen to be from Critical Thinking Co.

While I have used MANY Critical Thinking Company products, I’ve only looked at these particular resources but never used them.

The first we have been working through is Word Roots, Level A2

This book is labeled for use by grades 5-12+, though the Timberdoodle website has Age 9+ and Grade 4+. Since is is the second level in the series, however, I imagine one would be ready to move into this level after A1 if starting with an elementary student.

Cost is $14.99

65 pages laminated paperback including answers in the back and Dictionary of Greek and Latin Prefixes.


After an introduction on how to do the activities and completing the exercises, there is a pretest/posttest to determine existing knowledge of Word Roots (aka, to show your student that they really will benefit from this book.)

Next is a student introduction leading the student through some Warm-Up Activities before beginning on specific exercises adding prefixes and suffixes to the Focus root word. After 32 pages of exercises, you will find extension worksheets and independent study worksheets to allow for further study of the words.


Gunn Ranch Academy Thoughts:

Having used a few other resources to study Latin and Greek roots, I wasn’t sure how Taylor (10) would feel about this resource. But we haven’t really used a clear cut worksheet format of studying roots in the past, so after taking the pretest, she was happy to get started learning since this level introduces many new word roots she hasn’t covered in detail yet.  She enjoys working independently, so this is a nice resource to add to her independent studies. 

I like the clean look and nice organization of the worksheets. The directions are clear and the format is easy to use. While my girls are avid readers and have never had problems with spelling or vocabulary, I believe this resource will serve to further expand her vocabulary base.

Very nice resource to add to homeschools as independent study, as well as prep for assessment testing. The guide is reproducible, and therefore can be used by families with several children.

The second resource we received from Timberdoodle is one I’ve had my eye on for quite some time Editor In Chief C2.

This resource is for Grades 9-12+,  Ages 14+.  It is the sixth level in a series of Editor In Chief workbooks (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1).

Cost is $18.99

This is a 130 page laminated softcover workbook with 33 exercises.


This workbook labeled “Grammar Disasters and Punctuation Faux Pas,” was designed to provide practice in editing a variety of different formats, in context.

Included is an editing checklist that the student may use for each of the 33 activities, which each consists of at least 1 content error (a discrepancy between the illustration/caption and the writing sample) and 6-11 errors in spelling, mechanics, and grammar. As the student works through the written article finding the errors, they are asked to make appropriate corrections, with the number of errors in the activity being shown at the bottom of the article. The errors become more complex as the exercises progress.  Answer key is located in the back of the book after the exercises, followed by a guide to grammar, usage, and punctuation.

Gunn Ranch Academy Thoughts:

After participating in National Novel Writing Month, this workbook was great timing for the girls. While both girls are excellent spellers and have excellent grammar skills, they were both up for some editing practice before editing their novels they wrote. I really like the fact that this workbook applies the skills to actual articles. I certainly believe practicing skills in context as opposed to individual sentences helps the students further develop editing skills, and certainly makes it more interesting for the student. The girls are both enjoying the challenge, though I will say a bit above my 10 year old’s level. We will certainly be ordering the B levels of books for her to use. I have also looked at the software for these books, and may decide to go with that.

I also really liked that there is a page in the front of the book outlining the styles and topics of the book. This is a chart with the Exercise Title, the writing style it portrays, the content: topic, and whether it is fiction or nonfiction. My older student has been instructed to look at this to get a feel for the writing styles.

In my opinion, the variety of topics used is interesting and keeps the older student engaged in the activity.

*I would definitely recommend both of these Critical Thinking resources for use in homeschools, or practice for assessment testing. Timberdoodle offers many Critical Thinking resources on their website.


I received these books free as a member of theTimberdoodle Blogger Review Team. No other compensation was received, and opinions here are my own.


3 thoughts on “Timberdoodle reviews

  1. These both look great! My boys did the roots up program, and it was a great boost to their vocabulary. This one would probably be a great next step. They also love grammar. Thanks for the reviews!

    I’ve nominated your blog for the Stylish Blogger Award. You can pick your award up here:

  2. Thanks for this great review, Chris. I really like the Word Roots and the Editor in Chief series, too.

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