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Plan Your Garden for a Great Wintertime Pick-Me-Up!!


We just received a Burgess Seed and Plant co. catalog in the mail yesterday. The girls have been very excitedly looking through it, marking it up and making plans. Last year was our first summer at our house and Daddy tried planting a basic garden after fencing off a corner in the horse pasture. It was fairly unsuccessful, due to many things, but we really do want to plant a successful garden this year. More than just a basic veggie garden, though, we really want to get some fruit trees and grapes and berries growing. I tried planting some small trees I got from Arbor Day Foundation last year, but between the deer and our head of ranch security (Hank the Great Pyrenees) they got eaten or smashed. I’ve pretty much decided landscaping up next to the house is out for now, but we have a beautiful brushline right in front of the house where we enjoy watching the birds on feeders, and such.

With my husband growing up in this area on a small farm where they grew all their own food and all of the trees produced fruit or food, he knows the conditions for growing in this climate, and what will grow here. I’ve always wanted grapes and berries, and I’m excited to give it a try!

While much of the country is covered in snow about now, we are a bit chilly here. I made a big pot of venison stew today, and while cutting up the fresh veggies I was just thinking how I can’t wait to be able to grow a batch of fresh food of our own. I mentioned to the girls that we will certainly be learning to can  next year if we are lucky enough to get our plants to grow, and manage to keep the wildlife and not-so-wildlife out of them!! Yes, the horses enjoyed much of our garden last year 🙂 Then in a couple of years once the fruit trees begin to give us fresh produce, we will be ready for the harvest! We can learn to make jellies and jams and enjoy our canned fruit and such year around!

So far, the girls have a long list of their favs including some ornamentals that Daddy keeps saying, “We can’t eat that.”  To which they reply,”we dont eat anything we have so far except the eggs we can find that the chickens lay!!”

Yes we have a ranch full of free riders:  horses, geese, cats (except Lancelot the mouse slayer who keeps the rodents out of the barn and feed), dogs (except Hank definitely is worth his weight in gold keeping the coyotes from eating the geese and ducks, and kids:), ducks, donkey, and guinnea who eat a lot and make lots of stuff to clean up. We love our pets, though. I can’t imagine life without them.

But back to the garden. Over our bowls of steaming hot, delicious venison stew the girls have both drawn out a game plan as to where we can plant what. So far their list:

The favorite is the Dwarf Fruit Cocktail tree which grows 6 different types of fruit on the same tree!

 Sugar Sweet Cherry bush

Barlett and Kieffer Pear trees

Niagara Grapes

Concord Grapes


Red delicious apple trees

Granny Smith apple trees

Pecan trees


Hummingbird vine

Chinese Wisteria

Blue Clematis

Climbing Shell vine

Red Daisy

Persian Lilac

Blue Moon Roses (for Momma 🙂

I love seeing them so excited and the creativity of them mapping out the land and where to plant things! Great wintertime pick-me-up!

What’s your favorite place to order seeds and unique plants and trees from?


4 thoughts on “Plan Your Garden for a Great Wintertime Pick-Me-Up!!

  1. I’ve been making a list from the same catalog! Last year just to bump up my order to the next level of freebies(from a different company) I ordered one climbing shell plant. That was my favorite thing that grew. It climbed up and over the arbor my husband built and had so many flowers. I was excited to see that in Burgess, because everywhere I looked online no longer carried it. We also ordered a dwarf fruit cocktail tree, but it didn’t survive our care.

  2. Hey Chris. I’m visiting form the TOS crew. We don’t own our land; so, we only get to put in a vegetable garden. Your plans sound lovely! I’m following you on GFC and NetworkedBlogs and I look forward to reading your future posts.


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