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Easy Classical

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For review I received a free download of the digital version of the Early Modern Age History Schedule by Easy Classical.

This is a 36 week-long schedule with lesson plans that  includes 45+ pages of charts, sheets, and helps to use with Easy Classical’s Modern History Curriculum list which can be seen here.

 Each week’s lesson has review questions with answers, and quizzes included with each lesson. This schedule also includes a shopping list for the next day, as well as detailed instructions on how to use the schedules and the books you purchase, all of this neatly placed in a 1″ 3-ring binder for $35.95,  or a digital download like I received for $29.95.

This history program is designed for grades K-6.

 If you like to teach within the classical framework, or would like to learn more about implementing classical education into your homeschool, Easy Classical provides schedules, writing guides, copybooks, and geography curriculum to help organize and supplement your classical educational goals.

If you’ve never used classical resources, this is a great place to look around and get a feel for it. If you already own some of these, but are having a hard time using them or working them in together, these schedules might be just what you need. Easy classical offers complete schedules, main schedules, history schedules and science schedules.

Gunn Ranch Academy thoughts:

In the past few years, our homeschool has grown to include quite a bit of classical educational resources in our studies. We don’t however, own or use many of the resources included in this particular Easy Classical schedule. 

I must admit I have never been one to really follow a schedule, but the past couple of years has mandated that I learn the schedule making process. One of the biggest things I’ve learned when trying to put together a schedule for our homeschool use is that it must be flexible, and we must evaluate monthly where we are to revamp it.  Second point I would focus on, is that is takes a lot of time and patience to go through all of our resources and organize them together for practical use. Our current history studies were actually my outline for learning how to organize many resources into one schedule, so Easy Classical’s schedule was fun to look over.

As I opened my newly downloaded history schedule, I noticed it looked very well organized and seemed to flow nicely. Since I don’t have any of the resources to actually try the schedule out,  I can’t comment on the ease of use or the actual usability of the resources together, but the schedule certainly looks like it would work well. I was impressed by the inclusion of questions for the student to answer with the weekly lessons, as well as quizzes.  While our current history has writing assignments, I have often thought some review questions would be appropriate. My girls have even mentioned that they thought review questions would be nice. I have made a few of my own questions up at their request, so this experience led me to appreciate the review questions included with this Easy Classical schedule.

If you are currently working with some of the resources included in this schedule, or are looking for a good history program with a classical flair, then Easy Classical has taken the hard part out of organizing and using them in your homeschool.  Check them out!

 As always, don’t forget to check out what my Crew Mates thought of Easy Classical’s Early Modern Age History Schedule over at the Crew Blog.

Happy Homeschooling!


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I downloaded this schedule as a member of the TOS Crew for review purposes. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.


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