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Wits and Wagers Family game

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I have been slow to adapt to the electronic way of life. While I can appreciate technology and the advances we’ve made in computers, cell phones,  Ipods, and the many wonderful conveniences those things have brought us, I still love to get down to the basics of good ole hands-on, think-for-yourself  “applications.”

I was very against any sort of video-gaming in our home early on for the kids. I just didn’t want them to get their time zapped by staring at a computer screen. While I’ve allowed computer games and some gaming into our home as they’ve gotten older, I am comfortable knowing they spend more time outside riding their horses and  getting their hands and boots dirty as they do sitting with an electronic remote or keyboard and mouse in their clean little hands.

My point in making mention of my preference for real-life activities is to introduce a back-to-basics, use-your-noggin, family-fun resource. It’s called a “GAME”. You actually have to open a cardboard box and sort out pieces for each player. You actually have to READ the questions from cards. No batteries or plugins required!  No extra remotes to buy! No extra apps to download! It’s all included in the box! (You have to make your own noise by laughing, cheering, and high-fiving your partner.) *Caution: “GAMES” stimulate real conversation, require use of your brain, as well as some physical writing. Use at your own discretion. 🙂

North Star Games is a company that “brings friends and family together with fun, innovative party and family games.”

For review we received Wits and Wagers Family. This game is for ages 8+ and 3-5 individual players or teams. The game has 300 questions to go through on 150 question cards. When a question is asked, each player (or team) will write down a guess in the form of a number on their laminated answer board with the provided dry erase marker.

The answer boards are then lined up on the table where each player or team will then place a color coded small meeple and large meeple on the answer card they think has the correct answer on it. You can place both meeples on the same guess or seperate them. You get one point for placing your small meeple on the winning guess, two points for placing your large meeple on the winning guess, and one point for writing down a winning guess, which is the number closest to the correct answer without going over. The score is kept on a dry erase score board.

Gunn Ranch Academy Thoughts:

We really enjoy playing this game! The trivia questions have a great variety from totally obvious to everyone, including my 4 year old, to never-would-have-known-in-a-zillion-years questions. The real fun of the game, though, is that the answers are based on your best guess, and anyone can guess! You get points from guessing who guessed the closest guess! The questions are fun and family-friendly, and certainly educational. We had a lot of laughs sitting together playing this game.

This game would make an awesome gift for Christmas, birthday, new-family-in town housewarming gift, or any other occasion. I will definitely be taking ours along to parties and get togethers, youth game nights, and pulling it out when we have guests, if it doesn’t get worn out from us playing it too much!

I noticed this game on the shelf at Target, or you can find it at other local toy stores such as Toy R Us.  You can also find it at online retailers such as Amazon. Retail $19.99.

Check out our Crew Blog to join in on the fun other crew mates had playing this game!


HSCrew468x60Animated.gif picture by homeschoolcrew

I received this game as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was received and opinions, laughing, and fun we had playing it are our own.



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