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The American Patriot’s Almanac

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The American Patriot’s Almanac Daily Readings on America

By William Bennett, John Cribb
Published by Thomas Nelson

I received for review from Thomas Nelson’s Booksneeze program an amazing supplement to our American History studies. It’s a book of daily readings about America’s history, heroes, and achievements throughout the course of our existence. Each day offers a story of significance to that date, as well as an American History Parade at the bottom of the page listing other significant events and people associated with the date.

I truly believe the urgency for our American citizens to realize and recapture our Godly Amercian heritage has never been higher.  In the Preface of this book, we are reminded how our country came to be, and of the many challenges and threats our country is facing in today’s world. As a military family, we have striven to instill a sense of patriotism in our children. A six page section entilted “The Amercian Patriot”  follows the Preface, and as I read it to my children I especially appreciated reading “Why should we be patriots? In part, simply out of gratitude.”

Next we spent some time reading through “Twelve Great Reasons to Love a Great Country”.  This section added a richness to the book that really sets the tone to appreciate where we live and be inspired by the great folks that contributed to making our country great.

We have read through many of the daily readings on the days that match our own, but have also perused the book to find out what happened on our birthdays and many other dates of significance to us. We were pleasantly surprised to open the book on December 13th to find that it was the birthday of the National Guard. We were able to discuss more about this part of the military in which my husband now serves as compared to activie duty which we were a part of for years. This book certainly brings some great information to the surface to aid in some rich discussions among our children.

My prayer is for the citizens of our country to once again realize and appreciate our country rather than taking it for granted and contributing to its decline. This book is a wonderful resource of encourgement and inspiration that every Amercian should have in their hands, right alongside their Bible.

William Bennett does a great job at assembling together the history of our nation, walking us through the many names, places, events, symbols, and stories that built one nation Under God. But this is more than just a daily history lesson. At the end of each month of daily entries sections of content such as Flags of the Revolutionary War, The History of the Stars and Stripes, Fifty All-American Movies, Fifty American Quotes, Flag Etiquette, The Declaration of Independence, and how it was written and signed, The Constitution and how it was written and ratified, The Emancipation Proclamation, The Gettysburg Address, The Pledge of Allegiance, The American’s Creed, Songs of American Patriotism, Poems on American Patriotism, Faith and Founders, Prayers for the American People, and State Flags, Facts, and Symbols. These additions make this a very valuable American history resource which should be in the hands of every American school and homeschool in my opinion.

Thank you to Booksneeze for allowing me to review this book in exchange for my honest review. It’s a treasure.


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