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Good Morning God by Apologia Press

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Apologia Educational Ministries, Inc. took on a major overhaul over the last couple of years by adding many other homeschool materials and ministry outreach programs to their famous and best-science-curriculum-on-the-planet company. I will never miss the opportunity to express my enthusiasm over creation-based Apologia Science programs.  There are just not any better science programs to be found in my opinion.

The new direction was sought after Apologia Educational Ministries, Inc. came under new ownership in June of 2008. While the famous science programs are still a part of the company, they have just exploded in reaching out to the homeschool community through support materials, missions, an online academy, live conferences, and outreach through an e-newsletter as well as facebook and twitter! If you haven’t been to their website lately, go take a look and spend some time being uplifted and encouraged in your journey!

For review, we had the priviledge to receive and enjoy a book authored by the owner and president of Apologia Educational Ministries, Inc., Davis Carman.


Good Morning, God  is a beautifully illustrated, glossy hardback treasure geared for one to eight year olds.

It is the story of a four year old boy’s adventures through each day of the week as he wakes up, spends time with his family, and prays to God each night.

In the introduction of this book, it states “Ideally, this book will help your child fall in love with our heavenly Father by thinking about Him from sunrise to sunset.”  The author accomplishes this goal by taking the reader along each day of the week from the eyes of a four year old. We join him first, on a Sunday, where he says good morning to God, wakes with lots of enery, worships God with all of his being… on a page with a black and white illustration of this precious child sitting on his knees in his jammies, smiling out from the covers pulled over his shoulders. On the facing page is a beautiful colored illustration of this child with his family in church, stained glass windows in the background, standing between his parents singing from a hymnal with his brothers and sisters beside them. “Mom and Dad teach me when I’m sitting, when I’m standing, and especially when I’m at church,” is the text on this lovely page. We then turn the page to  see the little boy sitting on the porch thinking of heaven in his jammies, again looking out his window at bedtime talking to God. The bottom of the page leaves us with a good night to the particular day of the week, and a good night to God.

As we move on through each day of the week,  the author introduces us to the many ways we worship God with our hearts, minds, souls, etc. paired with the physical way in which we move throughout our days by running, climbing, jumping, etc.  We are also given the opportunity to read books, climb trees, play with brothers and sisters, and experience many other of the magical childhood day to day activities delightfully familiar to this age group.

After the main body of the story, we find one page of questions and answers for each day of the week which helps give ideas for interaction with your child, and includes Bible verses to read and discuss.

Gunn Ranch Academy Thoughts:

This is a precious and wonderful interactive treasure for snuggling up and reading with your little ones. It captures the very essence of a child’s day, and draws the audience in with real life thoughts and feelings familiar to this age, as well as everyday adventures children can relate to. As I was reading this to my four year old, I could see he was truly putting himself into the story.  He squealed with delight as we turned the pages and he saw the boy running through the house chasing the cat, jumping on the bed with father in the background reminding him this was not ok, hiking with his family, making a sandwhich,  playing with a truck on the floor with his siblings, riding his bigwheel,  snuggled up in a chair on his father’s lap reading a book. All of these things are wonderfully familiar to Levi, which kept his attention at a peak and left him anxioiusly awaiting what was on the next page.

I love the element of worship woven into this book. I love how the family is portrayed as supportive and connected, yet not unrealistically perfect.  I couldn’t help but notice the same feeling of peace and quietness as I was reading the end to each day that I get when we read Goodnight Moon. I love the usefulness of the book as a gentle learning tool, as well as a favorite storybook. I really loved the way one page is black and white contrasted to the next page which was alive with amazing colorful illustrations. 

This book is now at the top of my list as a gift for families with children in this age group, and would also be a great gift for a first birthday or Christmas!

 You can purchase it from the Apologia website for $14.00.

 Good Morning, God is simply delightful, and reminds me to enjoy my little boy and my family during this wonderful season of our lives!


HSCrew468x60Animated.gif picture by homeschoolcrew

*I received this book as a crewmate with the TOS Homeschool Crew in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own. 


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