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Corp of Re-Discovery Patchwork Quilt Kit


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   Corps of Re-Discovery is a company created by a homeschooling family with a passion for American History,  teaching their three sons, and lighting the fire of learning through adventures and exploration.  But this family doesn’t just dream big. They experienced the ultimate learning adventure by taking  a 14 month journey in their motor home,  traveling through 47 of the 50 United States! What an inspiration and shining example of teaching our children on a whole new level- check it out!

      Upon returning home, they had the desire to share their adventures with others by creating hands-on project kits to enrich studies of American Indians, Frontiersman, and Pioneer Americans. They have many great kits to choose from, most coming complete with all materials and kid-friendly instructions.

     For review, our family received a Patchwork Quilt Kit  from their Pioneer and Colonial project line. This retails for $14.99, but is currently on sale for $11.99 during the website’s Grand Re-Opening! This kit can also be purchased as a part of the Pioneer Craft Pack, which is currently on sale for $57.99 (normally $73.44) which includes six of their project kits! I think this is a wonderful addition to homeschooling studies, and plan to purchase some of the other kits for our family.

Gunn Ranch Academy thoughts and experiences:

     We really love hands-on project kits. When we covered early American history a few years back, the part the girls loved the most about it was getting out their project boxes full of activities, and hand crafting many of the historic items we were studying about. They still have and treasure many of the things they made.

    Since Taylor has just started back through American History, this couldn’t have come at a better time!! (God’s amazing like that :)). When we received the package, we opened it to find these things  to make a Nine Patch pattern doll quilt:

*27  precut squares of beautiful cotton fabric. Taylor loved the way they coordinated together! (We actually received a few extra squares which helped us out when trying to decided on a pattern for the squares!)

*27 precut squares of unbleached light cotton material to coordinate with the printed squares.

*A piece of batting (center fluffy part of the quilt!)

*Backing material(cotton material for the back of the quilt- ours matches our light cotton squares)

*Thread and yarn

*Easy to follow instructions.

   We provided our own sewing needles, yarn needle, scissors, ruler, iron, and a bit more thread to finish the project up.

We got started by laying the squares out in six sets of nine blocks, and Taylor moved them around many times to find a pattern she liked. This was actually a GREAT lesson in math and spatial design! She enjoyed trying to figure out what would work with the amount and color of pieces she had to work with.

DSCN3361.jpg picture by ksudoc93

     We then started sewing the squares together. Taylor has been hand sewing for quite some time, but never this big of a project. She found it challenging to make sure she was sewing the correct edges together and keep the pattern as she had laid it out! Her patience was challenged as she learned to remove the hard work she had just completed to do it over!  I enjoyed reminiscing of my own experiences with my mom teaching me to sew!

  DSCN3363.jpg picture by ksudoc93

     After I showed her how to iron each seam as the instructions directed, she began ironing them herself.

DSCN3360.jpg picture by ksudoc93

     We progressed from sewing two squares together, to rows of three, then completing the nine squares. 

 DSCN3364.jpg picture by ksudoc93

   I was surprised one afternoon to find she had completed sewing all the nine blocks together to finish the front!

Next, she pinned the batting on and cut it to fit.

DSCN3390.jpg picture by ksudoc93

After she read the instructions for how to place the layers together, we pinned the three layers she began her journey to the finish.

Unfortunately, she ran out of thread, and I couldn’t find any white thread at our house! We were just able to pick up a new spool of white thread from the store yesterday, so she will be finishing the quilt up today.

Taylor is already planning her next quilt, and when we were at the store buying thread, she was busy looking at the material to make her Grandma a Christmas quilt!

What a joy to watch a child experience and learn with hands-on projects!

DSCN3392.jpg picture by ksudoc93

Be sure to visit our TOS Homeschool Crew blog for more hands-on family adventures from Corps of Re-Discovery!


HSCrew468x60Animated.gif picture by homeschoolcrew

*We received this project kit free as members of the TOS Homeschool Crew for review purposes. No other compensation was received and opinions are my own.



4 thoughts on “Corp of Re-Discovery Patchwork Quilt Kit

  1. Very nice review! Very nice. I am glad to see your dd had fun and even a math lesson out of this one! LOL She did quite well, b/cuz I see her corners are nice and pointed and matching. Beautiful. :0)

  2. Thanks for the great review! I love the pattern she came up with!

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