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Levi’s Reading Lesson

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DSCN3384.jpg picture by ksudoc93

Levi started last year on doing a letter a week learning his ABC’s, and I began documenting his progress on my blog. We didn’t get very far when he became bored and didn’t want to continue. That’s why there aren’t too many posts in that category! 🙂

My goal for Levi as a preschooler is to have a happy, fun time with learning, and to make sure he wants to learn. While my “plans” for organized activities were dashed upon the rocks, my hopes continued for Levi’s preschool learning to be fun.

After talking with Levi at the beginning of  this schoolyear to find out if he would like to begin reading, he said he would like to try. We began Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons which I used with Taylor very effectively. He started with a bang and was doing very well when all of a sudden he said he never wanted to read again. I wasn’t too dismayed, however, because my other two early readers followed pretty much the same pattern, for no apparent reason. They both asked me to teach them to read then didn’t want to continue after the first several lessons. They were both only in their 3’s at that point, though, so I wasn’t at all worried about them not learning to read right away. They both ended up learning to read well by the middle of their fourth years anyway. 🙂

I will always have fond memories of  itty bitty Tayt reading her Magic Treehouse chapter books her Kindergarten year just after she had turned 5.

So we put the book away, and mentioned to Levi every so often as he came across things that he could benefit greatly from reading himself, that whenever he was ready we could continue his reading lessons. He began saying he would NEVER learn to read, didn’t want to do any sort of schoolwork, and didn’t even want me to read him stories. I just said , “Ok. Let me know if and when you change your mind.” (While of course inside I was thinking “Oh No!! How terrible! I’m a terrible mom and teacher!!” LOL) But then, I should mention that I was able to buy the full Kinderbach curriculum this past summer and he has been very much enjoying that. I’ll have to work on a post on that soon!

  Levi has eventually come around to asking to do his reading lessons again. Of course it did take some bribing and a bit of time for him to decided it was worth it, but he has been eagerly progressing through his lessons now. I promise I will post a picture of his incentive when we are finished with the book. 🙂

DSCN3388.jpg picture by ksudoc93

I remember when I was using this book with Taylor,  being skeptical at first that it would work. The teacher script is in red and suppose to be read  word for word from the text. There are many helpful hints for correction, etc as the lessons progress. The lessons are very short and easy. I learned very quickly with Taylor that this book is extremely motivating and they learn to read their first real word in the third lesson, which is very encouraging to the child!

I wasn’t sure with Levi being a boy, differences in motivation and learning styles, how he would do, but he has progressed just as well as Taylor did.

I LOVE THIS BOOK! I’m just so thankful there is something out there this easy that works like a charm.

Every time we do a lesson Levi tells me he wants to keep working until we finish the book. 🙂 We are currently on lesson 13, and have just read his first whole sentence. Since Taylor was only 3 1/2 when we were doing this book, she didn’t have the coordination to do the writing part, but Levi is enjoying doing the writing lessons as well.

DSCN3385.jpg picture by ksudoc93

Go Levi!

DSCN3387.jpg picture by ksudoc93

 We are reviewing a reading curriculum for TOS that I have been doing the teacher prep work on. I am currently determining how this will affect our current method. Stay tuned to see how we incorporate this reading curriculum, or if we even do. 🙂


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