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I put a word count widget on my sidebar for my NaNo, but much to my dismay the Young Writers don’t have word count widgets. I imagine it’s harder to create a widget for the Young Writers because they set their own word count goals.

I’ll try to update those word counts manually.

They both got a quick start out of the box. Morgan wrote about 6,000 words the first day, LOL.

Here she is as of this morning 11/5/2010:

Novel: Fire Shadows- DragonHeart Chronicles #1
Genre: Fantasy
Word-count Goal:35,000
12,047 words so far  
Taylor has already upped her word count since she had already exceeded the halfway point on her original goal.
Here are Taylor’s stats as of this morning 11/5/2010:
Mustang's picture
Novel: Fairy Wood Chronicals
Genre: Fantasy
Word-count Goal:10,000
5,203 words so far  
As for my own novel, I knew it would be quite a challenge to keep up with.  We had an extremely busy schoolday Wed, and I worked yesterday at the clinic, so I have some catching up today. With Praise Band practice tonight, not sure I’ll get to it, but my character is waiting in my head urging me forward, so I may be up late to night to appease her!



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