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TOS Student Planners

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   Y'all know how much I love the TOS Planner. I've been blown away for two years now with just how much information and how very useful it is. I am of the opinion that everyone needs one. 

   Then I got word that one of my TOS friends (which just happens to be our trusty Captain Heidi) was creating a set of STUDENT PLANNERS. I immediately wondered how they could possibly be better than the original planner! 

   I learned that they were suppose to include more pages written for use by the students themselves, to include information and forms designed for elementary, secondary, middle school,and high school ages.   

   Having a 13 year old and wearing the weight of trying to figure out this whole high school credit/transcript thing on my shoulders has really been a huge challenge for me this year. As we move into this season of our homeschooling with her, I just really want to make sure I'm keeping the right kind of records and documentation from the start to help make her high school journey a success. While I've begun collecting and processing information, I've not really nailed down a specific program or mapped out a definite course yet. 

   So when the TOS Student Planners came available from the TOS store, I initially thought I'd purchase the High School one to aid me with my planning the course of the next four years. After reading through the descriptions, however, I began to feel that providing Morgan a planner to help with where she is currently working would be more beneficial, since the planner is designed to aid the student, and the Middle School one includes High School Transcript and High School Plan pages in it. 

   Besides the Middle School Planner (gr. 7-8), I purchased the Secondary Planner  (gr. 4-6) which has the same useful organizational and informational forms as the other planners, but more directed to my middle daughter's age level. 

   I am thrilled with the planners I have purchase, and I plan to purchase these planners yearly for my children. I am already planning to purchase the Primary Planner (gr. K-3) next year for Levi. 

   I just love that they are downloaded on the computer for use by me or by them. We can type what we wish into calendar pages, planning forms, chore organizers, or print out any of the "Must-know" pages to keep and use in our studies. I am able to type a week's worth of schedules including current study assignments and print them out to follow. 

   When I was offered the opportunity to review a student planner as a member of the TOS Crew, I was just so excited to have the opportunity to take a look at the High School Planner (gr. 9-12). It contains the same transcript and high school plan pages, but SO MUCH MORE!!! 

   It has a sample course of study for the college bound student, high school hours tracking log, GPA calculating form, high school GPA recording log, college planning and prep form, community service record, and just so many forms that will prove to be useful as we begin our high school journey next year. There are even things I might not have thought we needed to keep record of! 

In addition to these great forms, the planner follows the same outline as the regular planner and the other grade levels: 

*Articles - which are grade appropriate (Five most important tips for teens, and how to plan high school courses are the high school planner articles and are OUTSTANDING!) 

*Calendars- pages you can type into- traditional and lined  

*Informational Must-Knows- these are packed with great trivial knowledge and reference material every kid (and homeschool parent!) should know, or have access to with the click of the mouse :) 

*Homeschool Forms-everything your student should need and more! 

*Organizational Forms- everything you need and didn't know you needed to help your days and weeks run smoothly! 

For a more indepth description of what these planners include, and/or to purchase one for your students, click on the banner above! Give your students the ability to stay organized, and give yourself the peace of mind of knowing:  



* Disclaimer: I received a download of the TOS High School Student Planner for purposes of review. I purchased the TOS Secondary and Middle School Planners. I was in no other way compensated for my review and opinions here are my very own. 🙂 


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