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Yuck by Buckets-O-Fun


Buckets-O-Fun is a company that was created to sell unique products to make social and recreational events fun.  They not only have some crazy-fun stuff, they have great customer service that will help give you some creative ideas on how to get the most fun out of the products.

They are excited to be going in a new direction as they have teamed up with a veteran science teacher to create science projects for all ages to use in homeschools and classrooms. They will be launching their science project lines in the upcoming months.

For review, our family received a sample packet of each of four varieties of Yuck, a sheet of “Yuck Games”, and a little pamphlet of Yuck Science experiments, which is the first project they have worked on to present to the educational marketplace.

We started our fun by collecting the various materials we would need to mix and work with our Yuck samples. We got out a big cookie sheet,  four mixing bowls (one for each variety of Yuck), a liquid measuring cup, craft sticks for mixing, paper towels, and a gram scale (which wasn’t mentioned in the pamphlet, but my girls wanted to use). After reading through the instructions and science experiment pamphlet, we got out the packet of Chunky Yuck and began making our observations. We recorded such things as the color, texture, shape, smell, and weight on our gram scale.

DSCN3248.jpg Science Pamphlet picture by ksudoc93

Next we poured the little bag of dry chunky yuck into a bowl and added 2 cups of water. We could see it begin to rehydrate:

DSCN3245.jpg Chunky picture by ksudoc93

The instructions say it will take 24 hours to absorb all the water and gain full size which is about the size of machine ice cubes. As the kids played with the stuff it grew to the described size within a few hours, but we left it in the bowl and added more water- about four cups in all, and a little more was absorbed. Here it is after about an hour:

DSCN3255.jpg Chunky picture by ksudoc93

And here is after a few hours of playing with it:

DSCN3282.jpg picture by ksudoc93

Second we made the snowy Yuck. We added a little water and a little powder at a time and mixed to total two cups. It was pretty cool- the consistency of soft snow, would form but not pack. Unlike real snow, though, it does stick to your hands and was a bit hard to get off except to wash it off. This, by the way, is an important thing to know about working with Yuck: you can NOT wash it down your drains as it will clog them up. When working with it you should have access to an outside water hose. You might want to just do the whole project outside on a picnic table or such. We did ours on our foldout plastic table which is set up in our homeschool room and has access to the front porch, and water hose.

Here is the snowy yuck- which we all dug our hands into and squished and played with:

DSCN3243.jpg Snowy picture by ksudoc93

It wasn’t long, though, before we were ready to make the sticky Yuck.  The powder for this variety is pretty fine, so when we poured the water in we had some chunks that we kneaded out for awhile. 

DSCN3280.jpg picture by ksudoc93

We all had our hands in this slimey stuff as we saw it transform from a runny solution to a thick “snot” consistency. It was probably the favorite.

DSCN3254.jpg Sticky picture by ksudoc93

DSCN3295.jpg picture by ksudoc93DSCN3292.jpg picture by ksudoc93

They experimented with doing lots of different things with it including blowing bubbles in it:

 DSCN3285.jpg picture by ksudoc93DSCN3278.jpg picture by ksudoc93DSCN3276.jpg picture by ksudoc93

While Morgan was blowing bubbles, Taylor had the idea to mix the three varieties we had mixed up together. They had fun describing the texture as they added all three together:

DSCN3264.jpg picture by ksudoc93DSCN3266.jpg picture by ksudoc93DSCN3279.jpg picture by ksudoc93

They had a great time playing with the three varieties of Yuck we mixed up, and decided to save the Saucy Yuck for another day. (Morgan and Taylor actually mixed it up the next day while I was at work. They both agreed it would be great on a slip and slide!!)

DSCN3290.jpg picture by ksudoc93DSCN3289.jpg picture by ksudoc93DSCN3286.jpg picture by ksudoc93

While Buckets-O-Fun is planning to launch the science projects line for homeschools and classrooms in the coming months, you can get a sample for your family to try, or purchase larger quantities at the website.  There are also some fun Yuck accessories to play with, as well as several other fun and unusal recreational products. 

Here are the prices for the smallest quantity of each, which is 1 pound, but you can also purchase 5 and 50 pounds of each variety.

Chunky Yuck 1 pound makes 35-60 gallons $16.00

Saucy Yuck 1 pound makes 35-60 gallons $18.00

Snowy Yuck 1 pound makes 25- 50 gallons $20.00

Sticky yuck 1 pound makes 5-10 gallons $20.00

For more “Yucky” experiences, visit our Crew Blog and see what my crew mates had to say!


HSCrew468x60Animated.gif picture by homeschoolcrew

I received samples packets of Yuck as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. No other compensation was received and pictures and opinions are mine.


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  1. Great review! Looks like a fun product! See you over at NaNoWriMo! Good luck with your novels!

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